Young Marrieds: Seek Week 2017

During the second week of January 2017, Young Marrieds Cafe will be participating our very own Seek Week. Seek week is a time that we are setting aside at YMC to intentionally pursue and hear from God. During this time we will be spending time in fellowship, praying, and worshiping together for this purpose. This will be our declaration to God that we depend on Him absolutely and that "without Him we can do nothing" (John 15).

Each day of that week, we will have opportunities for you to meet with each other to pray for our ministry, our families, our communities, and more. Here is the schedule for the week:

Sunday, January 8 - Seek Week Intro Message in YMC
Monday, January 9 - Couples Devotional Night (6:30 pm)
Tuesday, January 10 - Connection Night (6:30pm)
Wednesday, January 11 - Hike (Time & Place TBA)
Thursday, January 7th - Local Night (6:30pm)
Friday, January 8th - Seek Week Celebration (6:00pm)


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Contact Information:
Jenna Miller
(619) 590-2173
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