CREW: Summer Camp

June 24th-29th 2018

We will leave the CREW room at 1:30 on the 24th

ETA of  return is 1:30 on the 29th

Cost is $525

$200 deposit will save your spot

All $$ needs to be in by April 29th

Register Here


1. Label ALL luggage and items with a permanent marker (name, address, phone, church).
2. Make sure that your camper can transport the luggage they are bringing to camp.
3. It may be hot and dry or cool, rainy or muddy when campers arrive at camp, so be ready for anything. You can check our website at: for a weather report.
The Essentials:
*Sleeping bag and pillow. Tip: you can usually roll the pillow in the sleeping bag. It is a good idea to make sure the sleeping bag is in a watertight bag (even a plastic trash bag works).
*Bible (and pen/pencil) – be sure your camper’s name is in it
*Bath towel and wash cloth
*Flashlight: Please be sure to label the flashlight and send extra batteries.
*General toiletries: soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, towel, washcloth, etc.
*Chap stick or other lip protection with sunscreen
*Waterproof Sunscreen
*Lotion – If prone to dry skin
*Bug repellent: stick or spritz - NOT aerosol spray!
*A Water Bottle (you may also purchase one at camp)
*Clothing for six days
*Plenty of clean socks & underwear.
* Swim suit(s) -Girl’s suits should be one-piece.Swim suit(s)! Girl’s suits should be one-piece. Sorry boys, no Speedo style suits either.
*T-Shirts and shorts
*At least one pair of long pants and sweatshirt; evenings can be cool
*Shoes and sandals
*Poncho or other light rain gear: rain is not uncommon. Having waterproof gear of some sort can be helpful if it does happen to rain on us.
Recommended: Hat for sun protection Small backpack (daypack) for hikes Beach/swimming towel-in addition to bath towel for pool and lake days Plastic garbage bag (or two) for dirty clothing Camera: Disposable cameras are a good option. Be sure to label it with the camper’s name.
Please DO NOT bring the following items:
*Weapons, such as knives or any other item or weapon designed to hurt someone (this includes toy weapons)
*Cell phones
*iPods or other music players
*Any electronic games including Nintendo DS and other electronic video games.
*Please avoid preventable heartache; do not send anything that is irreplaceable.
Medications: Must be in their original pharmacy container along with written instructions. All in a Ziploc plastic bag with the camper’s name printed on it. (PLEASE NOTE: If meds are not in the original container we cannot and will not administer them.)

Forest Home
40000 Valley of the Falls Drive
Forest Falls, CA 92339

Contact Information:
Sheila Smith-Callaway
(619) 590-1711
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