Crew Middle School: Winter Camp

 Hi!  We are all booked up, but have a waiting list, so please register and pay in full and we should be able to get you a spot.

Winter Camp @ Forest Home  February 1st-3rd, 2019

cost is $200

Balance is due by January 13th

We will leave at 2:30pm on Friday the 1st,  and return return at 1:30pm on Sunday the 3rd. 

Bring extra $$ for anything you want to buy at camp

Check out for a packing list

Register Here

2019 Youth Winter Camp Teaser from Forest Home on Vimeo.


It may be warm or cold, muddy or rainy when campers arrive at camp, so be ready for anything!

 The Essentials:

· Luggage that is clearly labeled inside and out (It’s a good idea to place the camper’s name, address, phone # and SMCC on everything you want back with a permanent marker.)

· Sleeping bag and pillow (Tip:  Roll the pillow in the sleeping bag and make sure the sleeping bag is in a water-tight bag, a plastic trash bag will do.)

· Bible & Pen

· General toiletries:  soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, etc.

· Chap stick and sunscreen

· Clothing for three days, at least 2 pairs of long pants

· Socks (bring extras) and underwear

· A warm hat or beanie, mittens, gloves & scarf

· Sweatshirt (evenings can be very cold, bring layers)

· At least two pairs of shoes in case one gets wet.

· Poncho or other light rain gear

· Spending money for gift shop, and the  awesome Forest Home Clubhouse snack shop.



All medications must be in their original pharmacy

container along with written instructions.  Place them in a single gallon sized Ziploc plastic bag with the camper’s name printed on it.  (PLEASE NOTE:  If meds are not in the original container they cannot and will not administer them.)


Contact Information:
Sheila Smith-Callaway
(619) 590-1711
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