CREW Middle School Thanksgiving Feast

Join us for our 1st Annual Thanksgiving Potluck Feast

November 20th 6:30-8:30PM in the CREW Room Boys please bring main dishes and girls please bring side dishes 

PLEASE NO NUTS in any of the food

Here is an idea of food to bring:

boys main dishes:  turkey, ham, pizza, corn dogs, sliders, hot wings, chicken, enchiladas, tamales, pizza rolls, chili, soup, pasta, nuggets, etc.

girls side dishes:  mashed potatoes, vegetables, green bean casserole, casseroles, corn bread, rolls, sweet potatoes, mac & cheese, rice, biscuits, cranberry sauce, gravy, salad, stuffing, rice, etc..

CREW will provide dessert and drinks

Contact Information:
Sheila Smith-Callaway
(619) 590-1711
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