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Current Events

Join us in October as we take a look at everyday heroes from the Old Testament who had no superpowers, but they knew God had a mission for them and they trusted in His promise to always be with them.
Come for this fun musical celebration on November 19th!

Come Learn to Share Your Faith!  The class begins November 2nd.

Come to this fun Welcome to December "Bling & Sparkle" Event on December 2nd!
Come dedicate your little one to the Lord on November 5th.
Neighborhood evangelism and helping with a children's program on October 29th. Note: A passport is required to return to the U.S.

College & Young Adult Pumpkin Carving & Costume Contest!

Join us at Young Marrieds Cafe on October 23rd for the start of our new series "Making an Impact: Having an Attitude of Being Others Focused."
Come join our Young Married Ladies on a beautiful fall hike on Saturday, November 5th! 
Help with construction projects on November 5th.  Note: A passport is required to return to the U.S.

REFUEL - A Resonate Worship Event for College & Young Adults.
Sunday, November 6, 7:00 p.m.

Messengers of Love Dinner and Festival of Art
Friday, November 11
Calling all Small Group Leaders, Co-Leaders, Apprentices & Hosts for our November 12th Leadership Community Breakfast!
We invite our new member ladies to join us for tea on November 19th.
RESET Men's Tuesday Night Bible Study
Forest Home Middle School Winter Camp  February 3rd-5th 2017