Small groups at Shadow Mountain exist to help people grow to full maturity in their relationship with God and with others. When asked what was most important, Jesus basically said, “Love God and love people.” (Matthew 22:37-39) So that’s what we are going for in our small groups.

A Place to Connect

Shadow Mountain is a big place and it can be very hard to get plugged into church life if you only attend a weekend service. We were created to connect relationally and when we don’t have that, life just doesn’t feel quite right. In a small group you can connect relationally and make some good friends.

A Place to Belong

Over time, the people in your small group become a close family. You are no longer doing life by yourself; you’re doing life together. In a small group, you can lean on each other for encouragement, support and friendship in the real world.

A Place to Grow

God wants to do two fundamental things in our lives. First, he wants to have a relationship with us. The second thing He wants to do is help us grow up spiritually. Well guess what, life-change and growth happens best in small groups as we encourage, support and challenge each other.