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"When I moved to this area, I felt acute loneliness, but when I got involved in a small group I was embraced, loved, and introduced to various ministries within the church. My small group has been a source of development and it has given me a real sense of belonging."
~ Lois

"Small groups have had an immense effect on me! They have changed my life. The one I’m in currently is the highlight of my week--it's a great time and the cumulative spiritual effect is great."
~ Steve

"I had recently become a new believer when my friend invited me to check out her small group, just to see what it was all about. When I arrived, everyone greeted me with open arms--I've been attending ever since. Who knew that you could find such love, caring, and compassion in a small group? It's nice to be able to call anyone of them up at any time of the day for encouragement and prayer. My mind is fed with God’s word and my heart is fed with love and encouragement."
 ~ Laurie

"Our small group has been priceless to us. They have loved us and helped us grow. We have watched our group come together when it really mattered. They have made our large, far-away church seem small and close."
~ Darryl and Jackie

"My small group has been like a lifeline to me...holding me up during times of personal problems...boosting my spirit...loving me....almost as important as reading my Bible every day."
~ Jaci

"If it weren't for small groups, I would not have had all the support I needed for a very challenging transition here to San Diego."
 ~ David

"I have come to know each of our group members intimately and have felt their pain and celebrated their joys. We have become 'sisters in Christ' and I know I have eleven firm women friends forever! I have gained more confidence in the strong presence of the Lord in our lives as a result of the many answers to prayer we have shared throughout the past three years. God is good and He is in control!"
~ Donna

"My small group allows me to interact with fellow brothers and sisters, so that I don't feel alone in San Diego. It also helps me to be calm and relaxed knowing that I'm not the only one having problems."
~ Richard