I’m very happy that you are interested in exploring leadership with small groups. I think God is happy too. So let me just say, “Way to go!” Really. You could choose to play it safe and sit on the sidelines, but you aren’t; you’re stepping out to explore serving others. I also want to say, “Go for it!” Whether you land in our ministry or some other ministry in the church, one of the most fulfilling things you can do is leverage your personal resources and gifts to help build the church (just read Ephesians 4 some time and you’ll see just that).

Let me give you some info on how leading a small group happens at Shadow Mountain. This process isn’t set in stone but here is the typical route many take. And if you’re interested in simply hosting a group, the below steps don’t apply; instead, contact us and we’ll do our best to match you up with a leader in need of a host home.

To Become a Leader of a Small Group

  1. Connect with any of the small group staff to express your interest in leadership; we'll help guide you through the below process.
  2. Attend our Leadership Essentials Training. This is a 3 week training designed to provide you the essential small group leadership tools.
  3. Launch a group of your own (and don’t worry, we’ll help you with these details too).

So, if you would like to explore this more, we would love to talk with you. All you have to do is contact one of us on staff.

The adventure begins. Hope to hear from you soon!

Pastor Dale Bacon