Meet The Gathering Team


Arnold Camacho

High School Pastor 

Has lived in 12 different cities during his lifetime.





Shelia Smith-Callaway

Administrative Assistant 

Has worked with Shadow Mountain Youth for 20+ years.





Curtis Kaufman

Assistant Director of Student Program 

Has climbed Mt. Fuji twice






Krista Gonzales

Small Groups Coordinator

Has visited 17 countries






Michael Angulo

Music/Production Intern 

Doesn't like to walk in front of a large crowd






Katherine Day

Lead Intern 

Played college soccer for San Diego Christian





Maddy Waitley

Service Programming Intern 

Always on Island time






Chris Jones

Social Media/Marketing Intern 

Attended CUSSD schools from preschool through High School






Harrison Ta

Photography/Video Production Intern 

Often mistaken for a Freshman