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God's Gifts to Us (4/11)

Fri, 11 Apr 2014

In just the second parable recorded in Mark’s gospel, Jesus teaches His disciples and us a huge lesson. What do we do with God’s gifts to us? How do we handle the blessings and privileges that are ours because of what God has done for us through His Son? In the parable of the vine-dressers, Our Lord tells a riveting story that is so powerful it cannot be forgotten.

I am energized as I see what God has given to us as a congregation. These are blessed days in almost any area of the ministry. But how should we respond to Him for His blessing on our church? Once again, our Lord’s story has some answers we must not miss. I am looking forward to seeing you at one of the three services this weekend on Saturday at 5:00 pm, or Sunday morning at 9:00 or 10:45.

Join us on Sunday night at 6:00 pm for our “Hosanna” concert featuring the SMCC Choir and Orchestra.

Greg Buchanan will be our guest musician for Sunday morning and the Sunday evening “Hosanna” concert. Greg is a world-class harpist whose energetic style of playing usually redefines the listener's concept of performance on the harp. His superb musicianship, combined with an enthusiastic attitude toward the Christian life, has made him one of the most sought-after Christian performers in America for the past 25 years.

I want to let you know about an Easter Outreach that our Young Marrieds’ and Children’s Ministry are hosting. It’s happening this Saturday, April 12 from 11 am – 2 pm at Hilton Head Park in Rancho San Diego. Join us for a mini carnival with food, games, a giant Easter Egg Hunt with thousands of eggs, raffle prizes, and, most importantly, a Gospel presentation and invitation to our church for Easter. Help support this event by bringing your family and inviting friends. Hope to see you then! The address is 16005 Hilton Head Road, El Cajon 92019.

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Israel (4/4)

Fri, 4 Apr 2014

What an experience to wake up in Tel Aviv and go to bed in El Cajon. Eighteen hours of travel, and we are all still in one piece. God was so good to us in Israel. We had unbelievable weather, great guests, and experienced the joy of seeing all of those precious sights in the land where Jesus walked.

It was a very busy time for all of us, but we sensed your prayers, and we thank you for standing with us and with Israel at this strategic time. It’s good to be home!

I am sure you have heard it said that some people are “just playing church.” Whenever we say that, we usually mean that someone we know is going through the motions of church and religion and even Christianity, but there is no reality behind their activity.

Perhaps you think that this is a new problem, but I promise you that it is as old as the Bible. In our message from Mark this weekend, we are going to explore this problem, and along the way we will discover two amazing solutions to posturing one’s faith. Join us at 5:00 pm on Saturday, 9:00 or 10:45 am on Sunday. Don’t miss this weekend as we continue to learn about life from the greatest teacher who ever walked on this earth - Jesus Christ Himself!

And please prepare your hearts for communion this weekend as well!

This Sunday evening, we have the wonderful privilege of hosting the Gaither Vocal Band along with the Martins, the Isaacs, and several other special guests. As you know, this is a ticketed event, and as of this hour, there are still a few scattered seats available. Tickets are available online at our website or in the Lobby following services this weekend. For all intents and purposes, we will have a full venue for this wonderful evening of blessed music.

The doors open at 5:00 pm and the concert begins at 6:00 pm.

Please note also that there will be child care up through 5th grade during the concert. The children’s choirs will also be practicing as they normally do on Sunday evening.

See you this weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

God's Love (3/28)

Fri, 28 Mar 2014

This week, Donna and I are leading a Turning Point tour of Israel. Israel is such a special place! We would appreciate your prayers for our group throughout our time away, and we are looking forward to being with you again next weekend.

This weekend, our guest worship leader is Jay Rouse. Jay is the Vice-President of the PraiseGathering Music Group and one of the leading arrangers and orchestrators in Christian music. He has enjoyed a career as a keyboard artist, has served as accompanist for the Gaither Vocal Band, and music director and accompanist for Sandi Patty. Jay and his wife, Amy, will be with us this weekend as our special musical guests and to lead us in worship.

Dr. Charles Ware will be our special guest speaker during all services this weekend. Dr. Ware is the President of Crossroads Bible College in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has written and edited several books. His most recent book, co-authored by Answers in Genesis founder and president, Ken Ham, is One Race One Blood. We have been privileged to have Dr. Ware speak at our church numerous times, and I know you will be blessed by his messages this weekend.

On Saturday night and Sunday morning, Dr. Ware will be speaking about God’s love – a topic that has always been at the center of our ministry at Shadow Mountain. To one degree or another, all of us are bound by fear and a sense of rejection because we do not fully apprehend God’s love for us. But God's Word assures us that we can be secure in the Savior’s love. And as we understand and become secure in God’s love for us, we will be freed to love others!

On Sunday night, Dr. Ware will be preaching a message from 2 Timothy 4:12-16. Today, Christians are being tempted to fall away from the truth, and some are doing so. As our culture is slowly drifting away from the biblical worldview, we need to be reminded of the truth and encouraged to submit to God’s Word no matter the consequences. Thankfully, Paul gives Timothy instruction on how to persevere and finish well – instructions we would do well to listen to today. Based upon God’s promises, Dr. Ware will explore what is necessary for us to finish our Christian journey well!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

The Best Book You'll Ever Read

Fri, 21 Mar 2014

As most of you know, nothing is closer to my heart than the teaching of the Bible. Because it is God’s Word, it has the power to change us and encourage us in all of the seasons of our lives. So, I was delighted when I heard that our friend Bill Butterworth would be sharing on this topic all weekend.

The Bible is more than just another good book; it is God’s Holy Word to us. In it, we discover the mind of Christ and promises that are almost beyond our imagination. It is to be our most treasured possession, of more worth than money or riches. On Saturday night at 5:00 pm and Sunday morning at 9:00 and 10:45 am, Bill will unpack these truths for us. As he opens the Scriptures to Psalm 119, I know you will be inspired once again to see why the Bible is “The Best Book You’ll Ever Read.”

On Sunday night at 6:00 pm, Bill will share a message from 1 Thessalonians 5 about encouragement. We know the Bible tells us to be encouragers, and we all want to do that – but how? Thankfully, the apostle Paul helps us answer this practical question. Bill will use Paul’s words to the Thessalonians to show us “How to Be an Encourager.”

This weekend, our guest musician and worship leader is Wes Hampton. Wes has been singing tenor in the Gaither Vocal Band since 2005, and he is a dear friend of our church. He has also sung at some of Turning Point’s rally events that are held across the country. We are grateful to have Wes back at Shadow Mountain to lead us in worship during all of our services this weekend.

If you weren’t able to join us last Sunday night for the viewing of the Yembi Yembi film, you can watch the video at this website: This makes it easy to share this film with your friends as well. It is awesome to see how God has used these young missionaries to share the Gospel with the Yembi Yembi people of Papua New Guinea.

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Moral Courage of Jesus Christ (3/14)

Fri, 14 Mar 2014

One of the common criticisms of Christianity is that it caters primarily to women. This supposedly happens because the leader of the movement, Jesus Christ Himself, is an effeminate personality.

I’m sure you have heard some version of that criticism during your lifetime as a follower of Christ. Like so many other things that are thrown at our faith, this assumption is just assumption. It has no basis in fact, and the Bible teaches us that it is not true.

This weekend, I am going to speak on the Moral Courage of Jesus Christ as I unfold the story of Jesus’ second cleansing of the temple. It is a story recorded by all three synoptic writers, and it settles once and for all the true nature of our Savior. I am so excited to share this message, and I hope you will be front and center with your Bible in hand. - Live at 5 on Saturday evening...9 and 10:45 on Sunday morning.

This week, we also begin our ministry at the Grace Campus in downtown San Diego. I visited the site on Friday, and you would be proud to see how the people of Shadow Mountain have jumped in to get the church ready for this important Sunday. Please pray for Marc Kitsco and all of his team as we open this new site for the gospel.

On Sunday evening, we will premiere the recently released film “The Secret Talk.” The Yembi Yembi people of Papua New Guinea call the Bible Message “The Secret Talk.” Our own missionaries, Brooks & Nina Buser, gave the past nine years of their lives to reach this formerly unreached people with the gospel. In order to accomplish their goal, they had to create a written language for the people. Recently, they finished their translation of the Bible in this new language, and it was dedicated on October 9, 2013. Several Shadow Mountain people flew to New Guinea for the service. Jeff Hamann hired a film-maker to capture this story, and he himself took some of the footage that is in this documentary.

The 35 minute film tells the story of reaching these people and includes footage from the recent dedication service. Donna and I had the opportunity to see this film on Thursday of this week. I wept as I saw the commitment of these two incredible young people and their team. What a story. You don’t want to miss this missions film. What God has done and is doing is amazing! - Sunday evening at 6:00 pm at Shadow Mountain!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Jesus' Triumphal Entry (3/7)

I have had the joy of teaching through many of the books of the Bible, from Romans, Revelation, Daniel, Genesis, etc. But I must confess, I cannot remember any study that has brought me such joy as the study of the gospel of Mark. I suppose the central reason for this is the fact that the book is almost exclusively about Jesus Christ. I love Him, and I am so intrigued by His incredible life and ministry.

This weekend, we officially enter into the second half of Mark’s gospel. The first ten chapters have covered the story of Jesus from the coming of John the Baptist to His arrival in Jerusalem. This is a period of many months. Mark spends the last six chapters telling the story of just seven days in Jesus’ life. For him and for us, the passion narrative of our Savior’s life is most important! He came to serve (chapters 1-10). He came to give His life a ransom for many (chapters 11-16).

I had hoped I could make the biblical material we are studying match up with the way we celebrate Easter, but at least at this point, that is not going to work. So here we are on the second weekend of March, and I am going to be telling you the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem...His triumphal entry. But the message of that occasion is timeless as we shall see in our weekend services.

We have been so blessed in recent weeks with wonderful musical guests, and we will continue that blessing this weekend with a visit from Christian vocalist, Lynda Randle. I love Lynda’s voice and her heart for God. She is being used by our Lord all over the world and, once you hear her sing, you will understand why. Her distinct alto voice has carved out a niche for her that has made her a favorite wherever she goes. Lynda will be sharing her gift with us in both morning services and again at the evening service on Sunday.

For the last two Sunday evenings, I have been trying to preach the next message from the book of Revelation. I am committed to getting it done this weekend. My voice has returned, and, thanks to your prayers, I am almost back to full strength.

Over thirty of you volunteered to make the Grace Campus your ministry beginning next weekend. We are so excited about what God is doing downtown. Please pray for all the many projects that are going on down there and for God’s blessing upon this new ministry opportunity. By the way, Marc Kitsko is the campus pastor, and I am sure he would be blessed to know of your prayers as well. I will try to have some pictures to share with you on the weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Blind Bartimaeus (2/28)

I hope you are weathering this storm. We have had to install sandbags all around the back of the Worship Center as we no longer have any buildings or concrete to drain off the water from the upper campus. Please pray that we will be able to protect our buildings during this storm.

On Saturday evening, we will gather for our Live at Five Service, and I will be teaching on Mark 10:46-52. This is the story of Blind Bartimaeus crying out for Jesus to heal him. It is the last miracle in Mark’s gospel before Jesus goes to the cross. It is filled with meaning, not only about physical blindness, but about spiritual blindness as well. The applications from this story have had my mind spinning all week! I hope you will be able to be with us, either for the Saturday service or for one of the two Sunday morning experiences at 9:00 & 10:45 AM.

You may think that I planned what I am about to announce, but believe me, I did not. Our special guest this weekend is one of my favorite people in all of the world. He is pianist Gordon Mote...the phenomenal blind artist who, for many years, was part of the Gaither Vocal Band.

Gordon has been traveling with us in recent months, and we are so honored to have him on our team for our rallies and other events. If you saw the video presentation from Madison Square Garden, you already know how popular he is with our crowds. In both morning services, and for a few minutes on Sunday evening, we will enjoy his artistry.

On Sunday evening...I will preach from Revelation. What happened to us last time was something we could not have anticipated. But what a wonderful ministry we received from the testimony of TaRanda as she shared her story.

The message this weekend from the final book of the Bible is about God’s continued love and His continued judgement. I sort of set the stage for it with the few comments I made in last Sunday’s service. This week, we will continue our exploration of the prophecy.

Now for a special announcement: Bill Gaither and the Vocal Band, The Isaacs, and The Booth Brothers will be in concert at Shadow Mountain on Sunday evening, April 6th. The tickets go on sale this weekend at Shadow Mountain before being released to those outside of our congregation. This will be an incredible night for us all, and I hope you will get your tickets this weekend for this special event.

This weekend is Communion Sunday, and we will be receiving a deacon’s benevolent offering at all of the services.

Our venue services will begin at our Grace Campus on March 16th, and we will be asking you to consider a commitment to help launch this new ministry as we gather on Sunday. I will tell you more about this when we meet together.

I am so overwhelmed by what God is doing among us at this time. I want to encourage you to continue praying for His grace to be poured out upon us as we serve Him together!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

The Way Up Is The Way Down (2/21)

This weekend, we will examine our Lord’s teaching about greatness. The title of the message is “The Way Up Is The Way Down.” While that sounds like a disconnect, it is really an incredible truth that will revolutionize your life if you follow it! Not only does our Lord model this truth for us to observe, but over and over in the gospels, He teaches His disciples about this paradox. From the tenth chapter of Mark, we will examine the Bible’s definition of success.

From the time of our celebration of the Study Bible in New York City until this day, we have been trying to get the time to prepare the video presentation of that event so that we could share it with the many of you who have asked to see it. Finally, this week we were able to finish the editing process, and this Sunday evening, we will be sharing that event via video in our evening service. Kari Jobe, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers, MercyMe and our own Marshall Hall are a huge part of this event.

The video is incredible, and you will feel like you are actually at the event. This Sunday evening at 6:00 at Shadow Mountain!

On a very encouraging note, our sale of the IMC was finalized and funded this week, so we are even more prepared to move forward in the Generations project. Keep praying for this important project as we begin to pick up speed toward its construction.

I look forward to our time together this weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Unconditionally Following Him (2/14)

On the heels of His story about the rich young ruler, Jesus makes an astonishing statement about going to heaven and how hard it is for some people to make it all the way there! His illustration about a camel going through the eye of a needle seems to border on the absurd. But, of course, we know that Jesus never said anything frivolous or unimportant, so we are driven to discover the meaning of His story. In our three weekend services, we are going to take a look at Jesus’ story and examine His promises to those who will unconditionally follow Him. As always, Mark has a few surprises for us in his gospel. The weekends in Mark are inspirational and motivational all at the same time.

Our special musical guest this weekend is TaRanda Green. I have heard her sing on several occasions, and I can tell you that she has one of the most powerful and beautiful voices in gospel music today! She is often seen on the popular Bill Gaither Homecoming Video Series and has become a favorite guest vocalist at the famed Brooklyn Tabernacle in Brooklyn, NY. Recently, she was invited to appear before the United Nations for a special Christmas concert, where she thrilled representatives from around the world with her rendition of O Holy Night.

In the two Sunday morning services, TaRanda will be singing with the choir and sharing her vocal gift with our congregation. On Sunday evening, she will present a short concert before we continue our study in the book of Revelation.

Have you ever wondered how God could be just and merciful all at the same time? The book of Revelation challenges us to face that question. So much of the book is telling the story about God’s dealing with rebellious people during the tribulation! Is God justified in His wrath? Or to put it in the language of most people today, “How could a loving God allow such devastation to occur?” We will gain some insight into that question as we meet to study Revelation this Sunday evening.

Our Generations project is moving slowly ahead as we do all the things necessary to provide for a smooth transition. Our first priority is to get our new cooling system (chiller) up and running. We have had to wait for SDG&E to provide the permit, and then wait to dig the channels for the new power service. You will probably notice some new concrete in the Worship Center parking lot. That is the covering for the trenches that we dug this week and the pipe that was laid for the new power service for this gigantic building we are constructing. For most of you, that is more information than you need, but it is representative of all the hidden things that must be done before the building can actually start coming up out of the ground. We still have several weeks of this kind of activity ahead of us.

On the stewardship side, we are almost finished with the validation of our first year numbers. By the end of this week, I should have a good report to send you about our giving to the Generations Campaign!

I am trusting God for a great weekend of ministry. Let’s join together in prayer for God’s blessing on His people and for a great harvest of souls for His kingdom.

As you receive this email, we will be making final preparations for our evangelism workshop! More than anything we have done in recent days, this could be a game-changer for our church. When we learn how to share our faith, we move out of the stands and onto the playing field for God! Amen!

See you this weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Two Rich Young Rulers (2/7)

We have surely had some very exciting weekends as of late! I cannot remember a time when so much has happened in such a short period of time.

But now it is back to our routines and our schedules, and just as I enjoy the special things that we do at Shadow Mountain, I also enjoy the opportunity to get back in the rhythm of our church ministries.

This week, we return to the book of Mark and the tenth chapter. How fitting that at the end of our stewardship emphasis we run into the rich young ruler. In fact, this might surprise you, but the title of the weekend message is “Two Rich Young Rulers.” I will not say any more about that, but I do encourage you to come at 5 on Saturday or at 9 or 10:45 on Sunday morning. This is a great book, and the stories of Jesus’ encounters with people are rich in encouragement and instruction.

On Sunday evening, we will be back in the book of Revelation with a segment from the first five verses of chapter fourteen. This is another one of the great “worship passages” in Revelation, and we are going to learn about a choir that had 144,000 people in it. And believe it or not, it is the smallest choir mentioned in the entire book!

As always, we will be lifting our voices in worship at the end of the evening service, and I am already singing some of the songs in my head! This is going to be wonderful!

I know you are anxious to know about the Super Bowl offering and how our commitments for the Generations Building turned out. You will have to wait for my announcements on the weekend for that information.

If you are watching the Winter Olympics on television, you may see some short messages about Shadow Mountain Community Church throughout the coverage. We did this at the last Winter Olympics and decided to do it again!

The Men’s Tuesday Night Bible Study begins this Tuesday, February 11, at 6:30 pm in the Lower Campus Chapel. The study will be “Happiness in Hardship” from the Book of Philippians.

Plan to attend the Share Your Faith workshop on Saturday, February 15. There is limited seating, so register today online or in the Patio area this weekend. For more information, please call the office of Pierre Rosa.

See you this weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Ministry Fair 2014

Wow! Have you been to the campus this week? All I can think of when I drive into the back part of the property are the words of Solomon in Ecclesiastes, “There’s a time to build and there’s a time to tear down!” I am so excited as I watch what God is doing in the Generations project, and we are just getting started!

This weekend is the final weekend in our Stewardship Emphasis for 2014. The weekend message will take us back to some core values of our giving to God. I can’t wait to share what God has laid on my heart for this message.

This is also the weekend for our annual Ministry Fair. We have asked everyone to go above and beyond the acceptable to tell the story of our ministries as we look out into the future and the new facilities that will soon be coming up out of the ground. Come early or plan to stay late, but don’t miss the story of Shadow Mountain told through the creative ability of our incredible ministry leaders. Look for the unusual, and you will surely see it!

On Sunday evening, we will all be gathering in the Ryan Athletic Center for our annual Vision Dessert. If you haven’t already made a reservation to attend, you can do so this weekend. While you are enjoying the dessert, our children will enjoy their own program called “True Colors” in the Kids’ Building. The shuttles will be working from all campus parking areas on Sunday evening, and they will not stop until everyone has been returned to his or her car.

And speaking of the shuttles, this weekend we begin a new pattern for the shuttle ministry with a new drop off and pick up location. There will be extra signs up all over the campus to keep you from getting confused.

Next weekend, February 2, we will have a gigantic event at 10 AM with simultaneous services in the Worship Center and the Ryan Athletic Center. I will be telling you more about this event in the weekend services, and at the Sunday evening dessert.

Finally, I want to urge you to do two things in preparation for ground-breaking. First of all, we are counting on everyone filling out a commitment card this year. This is so important as we go forward into this program. Secondly, as you know, we have been focusing on Super Bowl Sunday for our special offering for the new building. Please prayerfully consider the best gift you can give to help move us along toward our goal. I will be giving you an update this weekend to help you know where we stand. I am trusting the Lord for the biggest offering we have ever taken at Shadow Mountain. If all of us do what we can, I believe that can happen.

We are in for an awesome weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

God's Desire to Bless You

As we enter into this weekend, there seems to be such a spirit of expectation. We look around our campus and see the beginnings of the Generations project. Our stewardship emphasis is off to a great start. Did you know that 22 people came forward to join the church after a message on giving?

And then, of course, our time with Michael W. Smith was such a blessing to us all! He truly is a gift from God to the body of Christ!

This weekend, I want to talk to you about “God’s Desire To Bless You.” It’s all based on a law that God has set in His universe that is just as inflexible as the law of gravity. This law is referred to by many names, but in reality, it is God’s Law of The Harvest. It has a far greater reach than stewardship, and it is life-changing in its power. I will be sharing this “law” on Saturday night and in the two morning services on Sunday.

Sunday night, I will be returning to our study of Revelation, and I will be sharing from the 13th Chapter. The number 666 is at the heart of this message, and I cannot remember a more intriguing section of the last book of the Bible. If you have ever heard of “The Mark Of The Beast,” and have wondered what in the world it is all about… this Sunday’s message will answer many of your questions!

Next weekend is our celebration of ministry at the Ministry Fair. It will take place in the Lower Campus Chapel and on the Patio. You don’t want to miss this encouraging event at Shadow Mountain.

On that Sunday night, we will be meeting in the Ryan Athletic Center for our Annual Vision Dessert. If you haven’t registered, be sure to do so this weekend.

Finally, let me give a shout out to everyone about evangelism. On Saturday, February 15th, we will be hosting one of the best evangelism training seminars available to the church today. Evangelism Explosion has been used of God to bring many into His Kingdom, and it was the most effective tool I used in starting a church in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Please refer to your worship folder this weekend or go to our website today!

I will see you this weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Starting At The Beginning

I just left the church campus, and I cannot express how excited I am as I see the first building coming down in preparation for our Generations Building Project. In fact, I could sense excitement all over the campus. The students from the High School were standing along the back road watching.

This weekend, we kick off probably the most important stewardship emphasis in my 30+ years as your pastor. In less than four weeks, we will be breaking ground for our new 100,000 square foot building and the total renewal of our church campus.

We are working very hard on the plans for Super Bowl Sunday, our Super Offering and our Ground Breaking event. We will give you all the details as we get a little closer to the day.

But right now, our priority is to teach these life-changing principles of giving from the Word of God. I wish I could explain the spirit of revival that accompanies these three weeks, but I just have to believe it is the Holy Spirit working in all of our lives as we have opportunity to take spiritual inventory.

This year our goals are two-fold: First, to encourage all who are not now tithing to begin to do so this year. We have hundreds of families who are committed tithers at Shadow Mountain. But we also have many who are yet to make that awesome decision. With teaching in all our adult classes and in our services; through vibrant testimonies in all of our services; through our Ministry Fair at the end of the month, we hope to challenge you to make this the year of your beginning. In keeping with that goal, I will be speaking at all of the weekend services on the subject “Starting At The Beginning.” Be sure to be in one of the three services this weekend!

Sunday evening is the Michael W. Smith concert at Shadow Mountain. If you have a ticket to this event, you are in for a great evening with one of the world’s finest artists and worship leaders. The doors for this event open at five o’clock, and the concert will begin at 6.

Both the Ministry Fair and the Vision Dessert happen on the final weekend of January, and it is really important that we begin getting ready NOW! This weekend, you can sign up for the Vision Dessert. We need many of you to take the opportunity to host a table for that event. We will be set up in the Lobby to help you do that on Sunday morning or you can fill out the bulletin insert and drop in the offering bag. You can make a huge difference this weekend if you commit to help in that way.

I have heard nothing but praise for the way all of you have adapted to the interim facility program. I know it is inconvenient for many, but I also see the future and believe with all of my heart that no sacrifice is too great to see the Generations project completed!

I am really looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

Love from Your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Happy New Year!

This is my first email for the new year, and so first of all, “Happy New Year!” After the incredible pace of the Christmas Season, we needed a break, and both Donna and I are refreshed and looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!

I am believing God for an amazing year in 2014. So many exciting things are out in front of us and just about ready to begin. As you know, on Super Bowl Sunday, we will break ground for the new Generations Building. We are working on just how that weekend will look and will have more information for you as we get closer to the date.

This weekend, I will be giving my annual New Year’s message as we think about how we plan and prepare for God’s Blessing. I will be speaking on Saturday night and in both morning services. There will not be an evening service this Sunday.

All of our Adult Bible Fellowships will meet in new locations beginning this weekend. If you are not sure of your ABF's new location, please arrive a few minutes early. Before and between services on Sunday, Bryan Snow and David St. John will be available on the North Patio to help anyone who needs assistance. We will have extra people and revised maps on hand to help ensure a smooth transition. We are thankful for your patience and flexibility as we work through these construction-related moves.

As you know, next Sunday evening, January 12, we have the wonderful opportunity of hosting Michael W. Smith and his whole team at Shadow Mountain. I understand that there are still a few tickets remaining for that concert, but they will probably be gone by the end of the weekend.

This Sunday, Turning Point television will broadcast the first half of the program presented from the Madison Square Garden Theater in New York. That program, as you know, was presented on December 5th as the official introduction of the Jeremiah Study Bible. I am very excited that everyone will be able to see what God did for us on that historic evening.

As you come to our church campus this weekend, you will see more and more signs of preparation for our Generations project. The demolition of East Dormitory is under way. The air conditioning and heating for the Ryan Athletic Center is in process. This has to be completed so that the classes that meet on the Lower Campus will have a place to meet each weekend. The new high school chemistry lab is moving rapidly toward completion on the second floor of the Athletic Center, and lots of other ancillary things are happening as we get in gear for the major changes on our campus.

On another note, San Diego Christian College will be starting classes on their new campus in Santee on January 21. I was given a special tour of the facilities by President Paul Ague before I left for my break. It is amazing to see what God has done for the college on that beautiful campus. But I know Paul would want me to ask for your prayers as they try to get everything ready for the first day. There is still much to be done before the students show up in a couple of weeks.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Little Is Much When God Is in It

I trust that your Christmas celebration was all that you hoped it would be. We definitely had a wonderful Christmas season at Shadow Mountain.

As we end this year together, I have asked my good friend Ron Walters to bring the weekend messages so that I could get a little break from all of the seasonal activity. He is without question one of your favorites, and he always has a fresh word from the Lord for the people of Shadow Mountain.

This weekend, his message is titled “Little Is Much When God Is in It.” According to Ron, “God has an uncanny way of changing the course of history through ‘little things.’ In fact, it was when God’s power infused a shepherd’s stick that mighty works were done in Egypt. It was when the Ark was carried into the waters that the Red Sea parted. It was when God propelled a stone from David’s slingshot that the mighty giant fell. And it was when God filled a nondescript feed trough with His Son that we could see His glory. God has never needed much to accomplish His tasks. And THAT is good news to those of us who consider ourselves insignificant and unimportant because ‘little is much when God is in it.’”

In keeping with our Holiday schedule, there will not be a Sunday evening service this weekend.

Ben Harris has asked me to encourage our men to get their tickets for the Men’s Breakfast: “The Koran to Christ.” You are invited to come and hear one Muslim’s journey to faith in Christ. The breakfast will be held on Saturday, January 4th, and tickets are available online at or from Jim Jillson at 590-2101.

As I was preparing this email, the tickets for the Michael W. Smith concert where moving very quickly, with less than five hundred still available. This is the last weekend to purchase your tickets before they are made available to the public. You don’t want to miss this tremendous night of worship and praise.

This is the last Sunday for you to give gifts to the Lord through our church, and I want to encourage you to make a special gift before the year end to help us as we move toward the beginning of our new building. These are very exciting days, and I know you want to be a part of it, as do I!

Since I won’t see you again before the end of the year and the beginning of 2014, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your faithfulness to God and to His church at Shadow Mountain. Let’s trust Him for a great new year.

Love and Happy New Year from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

The Journey of Christmas

The Christmas weekend is almost here! The last few weeks have been a wonderful blessing and encouragement to me as we have gathered to consider the true meaning of Christmas. The music and the singing have reminded me again of the excitement and anticipation of the season…of why I love Christmas so much.

This weekend will mark the last message in our series, “The Journey of Christmas.” We have already discovered the joy and wonder of Christmas, and finally I would like us to consider the peace of Christmas. When we look around our world, and even into our own hearts, we can often be discouraged by the lack of peace we experience. But if Christmas reminds us of anything, it reminds us that Jesus is the Prince of Peace who desires to give us His perfect peace. I hope you will join us on Saturday at 5 PM or Sunday at 9 AM or 10:45 AM as we worship His name and sing songs to His glory. Again, all three services will be identical.

We will celebrate the Peace of Christmas with Wes Hampton as our special musical guest, and of course, our wonderful SMCC Choir & Orchestra. There is a lot happening on campus this weekend. Wes will have CDs available in the North Lobby, and the Jeremiah Study Bible is available in the South Lobby after services for last minute Christmas giving. Then head out to the Pavilion area for your Krispy Kreme donut after the Saturday night and Sunday morning services.

As we have announced, Michael W. Smith will be in concert at Shadow Mountain on Sunday, January 12 at 6:00 AM. Tickets go on sale at at 8:00 AM on Saturday, December 21st. We are offering tickets at SMCC after the Live at 5:00 service and after the 9:00 and 10:45 AM services beginning this weekend. Ticket sales this weekend will be located in the North Patio area, but I would encourage you to purchase your tickets online to avoid the lines on the Patio.

This Saturday afternoon will be the last time that I will be available to sign Bibles in the Lobby beginning at 3:00 PM until close to service time.

There will be no regular service at Shadow Mountain on Sunday evening, but let me suggest two really great opportunities.

Our Hispanic Congregation is celebrating Christmas with their Annual Christmas Presentation in the SMCC Worship Center at 5:00 PM.

Catalyst, our new church plant in downtown San Diego, could use your encouragement this weekend. Since many of their congregation are young marrieds and singles, and have left for Christmas weekend, you could be a huge “amen” to the Catalyst team if you would attend the Catalyst Christmas service on Sunday night. The Lamb’s Players from Coronado will be presenting the music in that service, and I know you will be blessed to see what God is doing in downtown San Diego! The address for the Catalyst church is: 705 16th St., San Diego, CA 92101 and their service is at 5:30 PM.

Make plans to join us at Shadow Mountain this Christmas Eve for one of the three Candlelight Services at 2:00PM, 4:00PM or 6:00PM.

And I will see you on the weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Wonder of Christmas

For many of you, I am sure the celebration of Christmas has already begun. The many events, concerts and parties begin to fill up our schedule at this time of the year, but often times, in the process of these many good things, we can begin to lose the wonder of the season. But the Christmas story is a story of astonishment, and this time of year should be filled with not only gifts, and joy, and peace, and love, but with awe!

I love to teach the Word of God at Christmastime, and this weekend, I want to take you on a journey into the “Wonder of Christmas.” If we can read the Christmas story and feel the amazement of God becoming a man, this season will take on new meaning for us. I hope you will join us as we wonder together at the birth of our Savior and sing songs of praise to His name this Saturday evening at 5 and Sunday morning at 9 and 10:45.

To help us celebrate the Wonder of Christmas, Drew Cline will be our featured musical guest. Drew was formerly a part of the group Newsong and is currently a Worship Leader at a church in Little Rock, Arkansas. For a special treat, the Children’s Choir will be singing with our adult choir. Also, Uriel Vega will provide wonderful saxophone music on the patio between services. We will have an awesome time worshipping our Savior this weekend!

On Saturday afternoon, I will be available to sign Bibles in the Lobby beginning at 3:00 pm until close to service time.

There will be no Sunday evening service this weekend.

See you this weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Joy to the World

I love this time of year! And I have to say that one of the things that makes it special for me are the opportunities Donna and I have had over the years to visit New York City during the month of December. But our visit this week to that place will have to rank as the #1 memory maker of them all. Thursday night, the Turning Point team and a huge number of our friends packed out the Madison Square Garden Theater to spend the evening celebrating the launch of the Jeremiah Study Bible. There is simply no way to describe it here except to say it was a night to remember always. I hope to tell you a little more about it when I see you this weekend, so be sure to be at church Saturday evening at 5:00 or Sunday morning at 9:00 or 10:45. And for those who have been asking, yes, we’ll have copies of the Jeremiah Study Bible available again.

Before I tell you about the services for the weekend, there is an announcement I need to make. Saturday evening, the overflow parking at Granite Hills High School will not be available. The school has let us know that there are other activities planned there for that night, and they have asked to have people attending Shadow Mountain not use the Granite Hills parking lots. Sunday morning, we will return to our regular program, with parking available at the school, and shuttles will be running as usual.

This week’s message is titled “Joy to the World.” In the second chapter of his gospel, Luke tells us that when Christ was born in Bethlehem, God sent an angel to bring “good tidings of great joy” into a world full of darkness and evil. The world is no different today. Bad things happen and evil people prosper. But I want you to know that in the midst of darkness, discord and despair, God’s message is that the joy He sent then can be yours today. I’ll tell you about it when we meet this weekend.

You don’t want to miss the wonderful Christmas music that has been planned for our services this week. Joi Bowling, Marshall Hall and the Shadow Mountain Choir and Orchestra will help us celebrate the joy of the season.

This Sunday night at 6:00 pm our Children's Choir will be presenting their annual Christmas musical. You’ll want to grab your dark shades and go undercover to join the Shadow Mountain Children's Choir on the exciting Christmas mission of “We Three Spies.” Agents E, L and F are recruits with the CIK (Christmas Intelligence Kids), a covert group of spies who secretly bring Christmas cheer to the needy. But this year they’re facing an especially difficult challenge: keeping their landlord, Ms. Harriet King, from evicting them from their headquarters and cancelling their Christmas Nativity program. It takes a little expert espionage and a lot of God’s unconditional love for Ms. King to change her tune as she

finally joins the CIK and the entire town in a musical celebration of the true meaning of Jesus’ birth.

Thanks to all of you who have volunteered to deliver Angel Tree gifts. Remember to pick them up in the patio area this weekend.

One last thing: please return your filled bags of non-perishable food items for the “Outstretched Arms” holiday food drive to the patio area this Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll see you on the weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

A Book That Can Change Your Life

Here’s what’s happening this weekend at Shadow Mountain. This week, the Jeremiah Study Bible was officially released into the mainstream book stores. As you know, it will be introduced publically at the event in New York City on December 5. I thought it would be appropriate and helpful if I devoted the message this weekend to the importance of the Bible. The message is titled “A Book That Can Change Your Life.” I hope you will be in one of the three weekend services as we remind one another of the blessing that is ours in the Scriptures.

This is communion weekend, and we will be observing the Lord’s Table in the Saturday evening and Sunday morning services. Please come prepared to honor our Lord with your presence and participation.

In keeping with our normal schedule for the month of December, there will be no evening service this Sunday.

Last weekend, we made the study Bibles available for the first time, and the response was overwhelming. I promised that I would make myself available to sign as many Bibles as possible, and I would like to begin that process by inviting you to come to the Worship Center this Saturday afternoon at 2:30 pm. I will be there to meet you and sign as many Bibles as I can before the Saturday evening service. Bibles will also be available for sale in the Lobby throughout that period.

As I look at the schedule going forward, there are not too many other opportunities to make the signing happen, so I encourage you to come this Saturday.

Remember to bring your Angel Tree gifts back, wrapped, and with the top portion of the Angel attached.

This is the time of year that we restock our food pantry! Be sure to pick up an Operation Outstretched Arms grocery bag from the tables in the Lobby or out in the Pavilion this weekend. Fill it with the items listed on the front of the bag and return the filled bag next weekend.

See you this weekend!

Love from Your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Thankful for What?

I believe this will be the first weekend that I have ever celebrated Thanksgiving in the morning services and Christmas at night. But that is what we are going to do.

On Saturday night and Sunday morning I will be bringing a message titled “Thankful For What?” It is my hope that this message will help to set the tone for a great thanksgiving season.

On Sunday evening at 6:00 pm, we welcome back Ernie Haase and Signature Sound for the official beginning of our celebration of Christmas. The spirit of the season will come to life as this talented group of young men share old favorites like “Silent Night,” “White Christmas,” “God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen,” and many others. I am so encouraged that Signature Sound would make the special effort to come all the way to California for this special event.

The doors open at 5:00 pm for this free concert, and we encourage you to come early and get a good seat for the event.

Remember to bring your Angel Tree gifts back this weekend, wrapped, and with the top portion of the Angel attached. They can also be taken to the Administration Building during the week.

This weekend, for the very first time, The Jeremiah Study Bible will be available for purchase in the Pavilion. There are several presentations of this new project, and you will be able to choose which one you would like to purchase. We will be making these available at each service between now and Christmas Sunday. So many of you have prayed about this project, and it is so exciting to finally have it ready for use. More about this in the weekend services.

Looking forward to a wonderful weekend at Shadow Mountain!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Marriage and Divorce

Before I tell you about the weekend, I want to report on the “My Hope America” outreach among our young people. Today, I received an email from Ken Elben telling me that we had over 400 middle school and high school young people view the “Defining Moments” video in 28 homes. Over 90 young people made decisions for salvation, baptism or rededication. There are still some additional numbers to report among the young people, and we are continuing to harvest the results from our other congregations. I can say this definitively: this is by far the most successful church-wide evangelistic effort we have seen in my 32 years as pastor of Shadow Mountain. Let’s all make sure we do our due diligence in following up with all who have come to Christ during these eventful days.

This week, I read this statement: Fifty years ago, parents had lots of children. Now, fifty years later, children have lots of parents. Obviously, something is very wrong with this picture. Families are breaking apart at an alarming rate, and it is happening within the church at the same rate as it is happening in the world.

The issue with the sanctity of marriage shows up early in the Bible with the mention of divorce in the twenty-fourth chapter of Deuteronomy. And Jesus, in His discussions with the Pharisees and His own disciples, did not dodge the issue, but faced it in a straight forward manner. That is what I would like to do this weekend as we study the next portion of Mark’s gospel.

The tenth chapter of Mark begins with Jesus teaching about Marriage and Divorce. I would like to encourage you to hear the words of Our Savior about a very pressing issue that touches us all in some way. I am especially hopeful that our young people will be able to hear this message in one of the three services. It is my purpose to bring a helpful and compassionate message on one of the most important subjects we have faced so far in the book of Mark!

On Sunday evening, we will have our last time together in the book of Revelation until after the holidays. We are surely in one of the most dramatic sections of the book as we begin the thirteenth chapter together. Daniel chapter seven, II Thessalonians chapter two, and Revelation chapter thirteen have one thing in common. They are the major portions of God’s Word that teach us about the coming of the Antichrist. In Sunday night’s message, I will present a profile of this coming world ruler that combines information from all three books of the Bible.

I do not know who the Antichrist is, but I do believe he could be alive on the earth at this very moment. While we cannot know his identity, we can know his personality and his wicked purposes.

We have a few Angels still needing to be picked up. Stop by the Angel Tree tables on the patio areas to get your Angel. Then next week, please bring your wrapped gifts back with the top portion of the Angel attached. Also, sign up to have the blessing of delivering these gifts.

Please join us next Sunday evening, November 24 at 6:00 pm as Ernie Haase and Signature Sound present “Christmas Live.” This will be a great way to start off the Christmas season, so invite your family and friends to join you.

I am looking forward to this weekend and all that we will share together as a church family.

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

A Royal Nite

Thu, 31 Oct 2013

I am sending this email out a day early so that I might encourage you to invite your friends and their families to tonight’s big event at Shadow Mountain. Our annual “Royal Nite” promises to be the best ever, and what an opportunity it provides for us to engage with our friends and neighbors for the sake of the gospel!

Please be on the lookout for opportunities tonight to reach out to all who attend, and have a great time with your children and grandchildren and their friends. Substantial off campus parking is available and is well marked with lighted signs. Shuttle busses will run continuously from 4:00 pm throughout the evening for easy access to and from the campus. Please be sure to thank the volunteers who will be driving our shuttle busses and manning the booths and events. A special word of gratitude to David St. John and his team who produce this event each year.

On the weekend, we will be learning “How To Be Great!” In our culture there is no more powerful motivation than the possibility of greatness. The world has its own ideas about greatness, and they are very different from those that Our Lord taught His disciples. The secret to “success” in the Christian life is wrapped up in the words of our weekend message, and I hope to see you either at 5 PM on Saturday or at 9 or 10:45 on Sunday morning.

On Sunday evening at 5:15, we will have one last gathering of those involved in the “My Hope America” outreach. If you are opening your home for the showing of the “Defining Moments” video, I want to encourage you to attend this 30 minute meeting. We will lift each other up and join our hearts together for our community one last time before the showing of the video in our homes.

At 6:00 pm on Sunday evening, we return to the study of Revelation. Did you know that the spiritual wars we are fighting on this earth are being mirrored by spiritual wars taking place in the heavenlies? The implication of this truth for our daily walk with the Lord is profound. What if we learned how to win the spiritual wars that are going on unseen in heaven? What would that do to the conflict we are feeling here on this earth? I remember the first time I finally understood the truth that I will be sharing tonight. I know God wants us to understand this truth, and I want to do my very best to share it with you this Sunday evening.

On a final note, our Spanish congregation will be baptizing 13 new believers this Sunday afternoon as a part of their regular worship service. What a work God is doing among these people!


See you on the Lord’s Day!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Lord I believe, help my unbelief

Fri, 25 Oct 2013

Have you ever wished you had more faith? More faith to trust God in times of difficulty... more faith to believe for the salvation of your friends or the healing of someone you love? If we are honest, we have all felt like we were faith-challenged at times. And often, if we are not careful, we feel guilty about our weak faith.

This weekend, we are going to meet a father who wanted so badly for his son to be healed but had to confess to Jesus, “Lord I believe, help my unbelief.” At first that sounds like double-speak, but in reality it is a very honest confession from a genuine heart. It sounds like something I have prayed more than once in my life.

The story that follows the mountaintop transfiguration narrative, reminds us of life in the valley and how desperately we need Jesus in our lives. I hope you will make a special effort to be in one of the services this weekend, and benefit from the amazing worship we have planned and the teaching of the Word of God. The title of the weekend message is “Believing Unbelief.”

Sunday night, we visit one of those glorious passages in Revelation that come periodically amidst all of the judgment passages. John is given the opportunity to look forward to the coronation of King Jesus, and all of heaven is alive with praise and worship. I can’t wait for the worship at the end of this message!

This weekend, we also welcome back Irish tenor, Huw Priday. He was a guest here on a weekend when I was on vacation, and everybody told me what a blessing it was to hear this classically-trained vocalist bring glory to God with his incredible voice. He will be singing in all three Sunday services, and we are so honored to have him back at Shadow Mountain.

On Sunday evening at 5:15, I will be conducting the last training session for “My Hope America.” If you did not sign up to show the video in your home, I encourage you to come to the training and get involved. There is still time if you come this weekend. I also want to apologize for the failure to host a training session last weekend. I was so shocked that we had over 700 people at the first two training sessions that I assumed everyone had been cared for. If you came and discovered that I wasn’t there, I offer my sincere apology. I will be there this Sunday night.

We have also received the video presentation that you will be showing in your homes. These discs contain two evangelistic presentations, and I want to encourage you to show the one called “Defining Moments” included under Bonus Materials. That is the presentation that we all saw in church, and we believe it is very powerful for this particular time of the year.

The other presentation is about the “cross.” It, too, is powerful, and you should watch it to encourage your own heart as you prepare for your event. Let me urge you to take your video home and try it out right away so that if there are any glitches we can get you another disc. As you know, “the devil is in the details.”

You will be able to pick up your copy of the video at the “Small Group” table in the Pavilion. The “Small Group Team” will be at their table on Saturday night and throughout all of the services on Sunday.

Finally, one last word about Royal Nite next Thursday… We have all of the volunteers we need, but we do need more candy. Contrary to a report that we have enough, we could use some more. So let me encourage you to bring a great big bag of candy with you when you come to church this weekend.

Don’t forget to invite your neighbors and friends to this wonderful night of joy. Postcards that you can personally hand to your invitees will be available in the Lobby and in the Pavilion over the weekend.

What a thrilling time to be a child of the King and serving with other Kingdom children at Shadow Mountain! See you on the weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

The Transfiguration

Fri, 18 Oct 2013

Studying the life of Jesus Christ is one of the most challenging and yet satisfying endeavors available to us today. Each time we open our Bibles to follow His earthly life, we learn something new about Him and ultimately something new about ourselves.

Nowhere is the process of discovery more intense than in the section of Scripture that we study this weekend. Theologians refer to this event in our Lord’s life as The Transfiguration. What it is really all about is the one time during His earthly ministry when Jesus revealed His glory and His deity to man. I cannot imagine what that day must have been like for Peter, James and John. Just reading about it and studying it is awesome.

If you and I could see Jesus today as He really is...not as we have made Him to would change our lives to such an extent that we would never again be the same. If we will open our hearts to God’s truth concerning this event, we have the right to expect the same result. Let us dare to see Jesus this weekend as we have never seen Him before!

"The Transfiguration" - Saturday at 5 PM and Sunday at 9 and 10:45 AM!

If you are a teacher of the Bible, and you teach the Word of God in a consecutive manner, every once in a while you will have an “aha” moment because of the coincidence of topics. This Sunday evening, our message from Revelation is about the Two Witnesses in the tribulation. Guess who most scholars believe these two witnesses to be. You’ve got it! Moses and Elijah- the same two men who stood with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. I couldn’t have planned that if I had tried. When I first realized what was happening, I just smiled. I wish I was that clever!

As we head into the weekend, I have a couple of things I would like to ask you to underline in your thinking. Royal Nite is just around the corner, and we still need over 50 volunteers to assist us in that outreach. If you can help us, please sign up on the patio this weekend. We also need lots more candy to be donated for the children. Please bring your candy to the patio this weekend!

At our Annual Meeting several weeks ago, we failed to vote on the deacons and deaconesses who serve our international ministries. The names of these people will be handed out at the door as you enter the Sunday evening service, and we will take a few minutes to vote them into office.

See you this weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

So, You Want To Be A Disciple!

Fri, 11 Oct 2013

Before we talk about this weekend, let me give a brief report. As you know, last weekend was an unusual experience for us as a congregation. The showing of the “Defining Moments” video from Billy Graham’s “My Hope America” far exceeded anything we could have predicted.

We began on Saturday night, and several people accepted Christ at the end of the film. Many came forward to open their homes in November for the showing of this video. In the two services on the Lord’s Day, we were overwhelmed. In total, in our English services, more than twenty people made public confessions of faith, and when we asked people to come forward and sign a card committing to show the video in their homes, 421 couples and individuals responded. What a sight it was to see all of you standing before the Lord with your cards in hand!

When we were planning this event, Erick Zaldana, the pastor of our Spanish congregation, wanted to show this to his people, but we could not find a Spanish version of the film. So, in good Erick Zaldana style, he had his guys go through the film and subtitle the Spanish words at the bottom of the screen. Somehow, the Graham organization heard what we were doing at Shadow and sent a representative to our services to see if we needed anything. When we told him about our Spanish congregation, he said that he had a Spanish version of the film with voice-overs. So our Spanish congregation got to see and hear the presentation in their own language. Twenty-four people came forward at the end of the showing to give their hearts to Christ, and seventy families signed cards to open their homes for the showing of the film.

In all, more than 50 people gave their hearts to Christ over the weekend (some did not come forward), and more than 500 individuals or families committed to opening their homes to this gospel presentation.

We had our first training session on Sunday night at 5 o’clock, and more than 400 of you showed up. What a day that was!

But it’s not over. We had also determined to show the video in the middle school and high school chapel on Monday, before returning the large screen which had been rented for center stage. As you know, we have many students who attend Christian High from other countries, and we do not require them to sign a confession of faith since we believe we will be given an opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ with them along the way. This has proven to be a very good plan, because many of our international students have been introduced to Jesus Christ while at Christian High.

In the Monday morning chapel, 106 students, including many international students, made professions of faith in Jesus Christ. I think you can see why I have been so excited about this video.

One last note about “My Hope America”: The video that will be shown in the homes was not included in the packets that we distributed on Sunday evening, but each one who signed up to show it will be given their copy in plenty of time for the November showing.

This weekend, we find ourselves at just the right place in the book of Mark to coincide with all that God is doing in our midst. The title of this week’s message is “So, You Want To Be A Disciple!” In this section of Mark, we are introduced to the difference between being a decider or a disciple. Our Lord has gotten His disciples to acknowledge that He is the Messiah. Now He is going to help them understand what that will mean to them and to us, going forward.

We returned to Revelation for the first time last Sunday night, and what a night we had together. The worship at the end of the service was especially meaningful to me. This Sunday night, I will be speaking on “The Divine Interlude.” This message is one of the most encouraging messages in the book of Revelation because it reminds us that, even in the midst of God’s judgment, His mercy is still so available. Revelation chapter ten and verses 1-11 is our text. Notes from last week’s study will be available to all who attend.

As you know, each year at this season we throw a huge party called Royal Night for our neighborhood and for all the children, big and small, from our congregation. This is a huge undertaking, and it is totally impossible without the help of hundreds of volunteers. If you are available to help with this event which takes place on Thursday, October 31, please contact Katie Williams at

The book, WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?, based on our series by the same title has been released. This weekend and next weekend, copies will be made available after services on Saturday night in the Lobby and Sunday morning in the Pavilion.

I am excited about all that God is doing in our church, and I look forward to seeing you on the weekend.

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

My Hope America

Fri, 4 Oct 2013

This weekend is a very special opportunity for all of us to bring our unsaved friends and loved ones to one of the weekend services. As you know from last week’s announcement, I will be presenting the “My Hope America” video in all three weekend services.

For you to realize how important I think this weekend is, I need only tell you that in over forty years as a pastor, I do not remember ever doing anything quite like this.


I would like to ask you to do two things as you think about this weekend: (1) Make sure that you invite someone to church on Saturday night or for one of the Sunday AM services. You can begin to call people right now and ask them to come with you. Whatever you do...don’t miss this weekend. (2) I want you to begin thinking of people you know that you could invite to your home for a showing of this video. Please pray about these two things, and then whatever you have to do to get there, don’t miss the weekend services at Shadow Mountain.

Sunday night, we return to our study of the book of Revelation. Once again, I will teach at the beginning of the service, and we will conclude our time together with a season of worship. We will also be distributing the notes from the last time we taught this book. Sunday nights in Revelation is a great experience. See you then!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Who is Jesus to us?

Fri, 27 Sep 2013
For many months now we have been studying the book of Mark. We have witnessed Jesus’ many miracles and listened in on His conversations with the Pharisees and His own disciples. During all of these interesting episodes, we have had a sense that something was happening behind the scenes that was drawing all of these things together. In our most recent sermons, we have seen the intensity increase. This weekend, we will discover why as we come to the most critical verse in the book of Mark up to this point. After all He has endured in the teaching of His disciples, Jesus asks two pivotal questions. “Who do men say that I am?” And...disciples...“Who do you say that I am?” This is an important question for all of us to ask: “Who is Jesus to us?” I’ll be talking about it this weekend at all three weekend services- Saturday at 5:00 pm, and Sunday at 9:00 and 10:45 am. Joining us for the weekend ministry will be the Gettys. They will lead us in worship during the Sunday morning services and will present a full concert on Sunday night at 6:00 pm. Keith & Kristyn Getty, Irish singer/songwriters and recording artists, are among the preeminent modern hymn composers of this generation. Best known for “In Christ Alone” (penned by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend), the world-renowned hymn has been recorded by numerous artists over the past decade—including Owl City, Natalie Grant and the Newsboys—and is a classic sung in churches around the globe. Writers of an acclaimed repertoire of 21st century hymns, revered both for their theologically astute lyrics and universally beloved melodies, the couple’s popular U.S. recordings include “In Christ Alone,” “Awaken The Dawn” and “Joy – An Irish Christmas.” Keith & Kristyn have shared their music at Franklin Graham crusades, the GMA Dove Awards, The Third Lausanne Conference on World Evangelization, as well as feature performances at London’s Royal Albert Hall and the legendary Grand Ole Opry, among many other noted platforms. Along with their band—an ensemble of some of the top names in Irish and American folk music—Keith & Kristyn have toured extensively in both America and the Celtic Islands this year. Additionally, their annual “Joy – An Irish Christmas Tour,” which included a sellout performance at Nashville’s prestigious Schermerhorn Symphony Center in 2011, has become a highlight of the holiday season for audiences around the country, and is slated to stop in 20 stateside cities later this year. Hailing from Northern Ireland and now residing in Nashville, the couple welcomed their first child, Eliza Joy, last year. Come join us for this special evening of worship at 6:00 pm on Sunday night. See you this weekend! Love from your Pastor, David Jeremiah

Jesus is Sufficient!

Fri, 20 Sep 2013

This week, our passage of study hovers around the idea of insufficiency. With the many responsibilities of life and the limited resources we possess, it is easy to feel inadequate. Often times our problems seem insurmountable and beyond our abilities. During these times, it is tempting to become discouraged and even stop following Jesus. Thankfully, our heavenly Father has a better plan for us.

As we open the Scriptures to the eighth chapter of Mark’s Gospel, we will discover that Jesus is sufficient! He promises to give us all of the resources we need to accomplish the assignments of life. And He challenges us to continue moving forward—even when we are slow to understand His truth and remember His grace. I hope you will join us for this study of God’s Word: Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 9am & 10:45am.

On Sunday evening at 6pm, we are privileged to have Ernie Haase and Signature Sound in concert. Their approach to communicating the Good News with groundbreaking originality has blazed a trail that will go down in gospel music history. Across Europe, they have been nicknamed the “Ambassadors of Joy” because of the message of hope and joy that permeates their performances.

The group's founder and leader, Ernie Haase, was a long-time member of the famous Cathedral Quartet, headed by the late George Younce. Ernie's roots are deeply planted in the rich legacy of music that is both meaningful and thoroughly entertaining. After the Cathedrals bade farewell to their five-decade run in the music industry, Ernie's passion for gospel music led him to a new beginning when he gathered a group of like-minded men who shared his love for God, great harmonies, time-honored songs and energetic performances... and together they have become one of the most influential forces in Southern Gospel music. Invite your friends, and come and enjoy this special evening.

See you this weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Love and Compassion

Fri, 13 Sep 2013

First of all, congratulations to our Awana team! They set a new attendance record this last week. We are off to a great start in all of our ministries!

This weekend, I am going to teach the last verses of Mark chapter seven as we explore our Lord’s passion to reach beyond the borders of Israel with the gospel. What a challenging study this has been for me. With all of our international ministries, and all that we are doing around the world in media, I was so encouraged to see how the Lord Jesus Christ reached beyond the cultural barriers and beyond the comfort zone to touch people with His message of love and compassion. I found myself thinking: “Do I do that? or am I set in my own little place, doing my own little thing for the people I feel comfortable with!”

At this particular stage of our congregation’s journey, we need to see the heart of Jesus for the lost world in which we live. I hope you will come with an open Bible and an open heart. We are going to be blessed by the Word of God this weekend.

Sunday night is our annual church business meeting, and that usually means that many of you decide to stay home. While I understand that these meetings are not times of great motivation, I want to urge you to come on Sunday evening. I am going to get everybody up-to-date on the Generations Project. I have some very exciting news to share with all of you, and I can’t do it if you are not there. These meetings usually take one hour or less. Can you give one hour to stay focused on what God is doing at our church fellowship?

I hope to see you on the weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

A Return to the Book of Mark

Fri, 6 Sep 2013

I am so excited to be home and back in the pulpit this weekend. And I am also excited to reenter the Book of Mark. As we open our Bibles again this week, we find ourselves at the beginning of some of the most incredible things Jesus ever said and taught. For instance, this week we see our Savior confronted by some critics who want to judge Him and His disciples for not following all of the outward requirements that they have artificially set up. It is truly a classic case of legalism. Its roots are deep, and its reach is so long that it continues even this day to destroy churches. As Jesus deals with His critics, He teaches a lesson that was so crucial that many believe it to be the one sermon that Jesus gave that sent Him to the cross. Wow! What kind of a sermon would that be? I can’t wait to unfold all of this in the weekend services: Saturday night at 5 and Sunday morning at 9 and 10:45! It’s the first week back for many of us, and it’s the official start of the fall season.

On Sunday night, we have an opportunity to hear Amir Tsarfati speak. Amir is from Israel, and he is in our country for just a few days. I was able to get him to come to Shadow Mountain for the weekend, and he will be meeting with many of you in your classes. On Sunday, he will be addressing a question as a Jewish believer that is on the minds of many of us as we watch what is happening in the Middle East.

The whole world has its eyes on Syria right now. The government of Syria, according to many reports, has used chemical weapons against its own people. We need to pay attention to what is happening in the Middle East. As tensions escalate in the region, it can be difficult to sort through all the chatter and opinions surrounding these events. What do these things mean to us as Christians? What should our response be?

Amir is a Bible teacher, business man, and homeland security consultant—and he is very connected to Israel’s military. He is an expert on Middle East culture and events.

You will not want to miss Sunday night at Shadow Mountain!

See you soon!

Love from your Pastor

Dr. John Ankerberg

Fri, 30 Aug 2013

As the summer draws to a close, and I anticipate the quicker pace and increased activity that fall brings us, I am thankful for the seasons of rest that God gives us. I hope you, too, are refreshed and encouraged as you look forward to the new assignments the fall schedule brings!

This weekend, we welcome back Dr. John Ankerberg to the pulpit at Shadow Mountain. Dr. Ankerberg is the founder and president of The John Ankerberg Show, the most-watched Christian worldview show in America. Presently, his television and radio programs are broadcast into 100 million American homes and are available in more than 200 nations. His programs offer a unique blend of experts, educators, and leaders who defend and promote biblical values in the arena of the world’s ideas.

Dr. Ankerberg holds degrees from the University of Illinois—Chicago, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and Luther Rice Seminary. He and his wife, Darlene, live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I hope you will be able to attend one of the services this weekend—Saturday at 5 PM or Sunday at 9 or 10:45 AM—to be equipped and encouraged in your witness to the world!

Ladies, you can register for your choice of 5 Women’s Ministries Bible Studies in the Pavilion this weekend through September 8. Online registration is available throughout the year at

There will be no Sunday evening service this weekend since we will be observing Labor Day.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend…and I look forward with excitement to returning to the pulpit next Saturday and Sunday!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Dr. Ken Nichols

Fri, 23 Aug 2013

Each year it is a pleasure to welcome back our friend, Dr. Ken Nichols, to the pulpit. This weekend we will have the privilege of hearing Dr. Nichols speak on Saturday night at 5:00, and Sunday morning at 9:00 and 10:45.

Ken and his wife, Marlene, just completed their tenth year of ministry to missionaries with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism. In fact, they will be conducting a Missionary Enrichment Conference in Nicaragua next month. Ken is also currently serving as the Executive Director of the Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counselors.

The title of his message is “Living On Purpose,” and the key question he will address is this: How can I experience the fullness of life and the favor of God?

The Bible is filled with stories and examples of experiencing the fullness of life and the favor of God. Ken’s message will review the testimony of Joshua to illustrate four inspiring and practical principles for living life on purpose!

This Saturday and Sunday will be another opportunity to register your children for Awana and the Children’s Choir. Please stop by the registration table in front of the Mountain High Kid’s playground to sign up for these opportunities. We also need 70 volunteers who either like playing games, are good listeners or like to shepherd children in their faith, to assist with the Awana program. Please consider taking a place in this great outreach, and sign yourself up this weekend.

Men, next Tuesday, August 27, at 6:30 PM in the Lower Campus Chapel is the opening night of the Men's Bible Study called "Gods at War." Come learn how to identify and defeat the idols that battle for every man's heart.

This Sunday evening at 6, our Summer Bible Conference concludes with a special message from Philip De Courcy. He is the Senior Pastor of Kindred Community Church in Anaheim Hills, CA. He was born in Ireland. While many of Philip’s friends became involved in acts of terrorism, Philip decided to serve as a reserve police officer in the Royal Ulster Constabulary. Some of his comrades were injured or killed, but Philip remained unharmed, and God used this faith-building season to prepare him for ministry. You will not want to miss this evening, as Philip ministers to us through the Word of God.

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Dr. Ed Hindson

Fri, 16 Aug 2013

First of all, some congratulations are in order for our Pastoral Staff:

On Tuesday night, Ben Harris and the Men’s Ministry Team hosted 430 guys, the largest attendance at a Barbeque in Men’s Ministry history. Anthony, a former Navy Seal, gave his testimony, and God honored it richly!

Also, this week, the planning commission unanimously approved our building plan on the first vote! This is unprecedented! What a tribute to the incredible job Bryan Snow and his team have done in getting this ready. Next stop, the city council on September 10th. We are in a good place for our groundbreaking ceremony on Super Bowl Sunday!

Last Sunday, the Hispanic congregation of Shadow Mountain Community Church had a special outreach, and 983 showed up for their Sunday afternoon service. Obviously, this was an all-time record, and Erick Zaldana and his team are still jumping up and down with joy! Way to go, Erick!

As you know, we have been in the planning stages for the church plant in downtown San Diego. Catalyst, as it is called, had its sixth pre-launch service on Sunday night with 85 people in attendance. Emmanuel and Jennifer Sanchez are seeing God do some amazing things in the heart of our city.

We have already shouted about Summer Blast and Ken Elben’s Great Victory!

San Diego Christian Schools are off to a great start, and nothing but good news is coming from the upper campus. George Cuff, welcome back from your time away. And thanks for leading us forward into the new year!

While each ministry is honored for what God is doing, we all know that God does it because of the faithfulness of so many people who work behind the scenes.

This weekend, Dr. Ed Hindson will be our special speaker throughout the entire weekend. He has spoken at Shadow Mountain many times, and we are always glad to welcome him back to minister to our church family. Dr. Hindson is the Assistant Chancellor and Distinguished Professor of Religion at Liberty University. He is also the speaker on The King is Coming telecast and author of many books on Biblical, theological, and prophetic topics. His messages will inform your mind and stir your soul.

On Saturday night and Sunday morning, the title of Dr. Hindson’s message is “Can There Be Peace in the Middle East?” This deals with the current attempts of the US State Dept. in light of the centuries long Arab-Israeli conflict. And on Sunday evening, his message will be “Can We Still Believe in the Rapture? 10 reasons for a pre-tribulational rapture in response to the current trend away from the traditional view.”

The musical group “Sisters” will also be joining us for all services this weekend. Harmony is the blending of various notes and elements that, when they come together just right, create one impacting sound. Add to that a genetic connection and a heartfelt commitment to convey the love of Christ, and you have the astounding and soaring harmonies of SISTERS.

Raised in a loving home by parents committed to teaching them to serve the Lord and to make Jesus the motivation for sharing their talents with the world, Kim Lord, Heather Ruppe Day, and Valerie Ruppe Medkiff, all sisters, have embarked on a new endeavor that is taking the music world by storm. Their worldwide tour is reaching people of all ages and musical tastes.

There’s a great weekend in store at Shadow Mountain! You don’t want to miss it.

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Psalm 90

Fri, 9 Aug 2013

You will be glad to hear that Tom Thompson will be our special speaker during our Saturday night and Sunday morning services. Tom served as Executive Pastor at Shadow Mountain for many years and is currently serving at World Help, which is headquartered in Forest, Virginia. It is always great to have Tom back in the pulpit at Shadow Mountain.

Tom’s message will be presented from Psalm 90. There comes a time for all of us, when we stop and seriously question our spiritual journey in life. We are forced to confront our priorities, dreams and aspirations. We look at our past, we think about the regrets we have, and then wonder if we’re ready for what we are going to face tomorrow. This was Moses’ experience, and it is described in Psalm 90. After leaving Egypt, then suffering the failure of not immediately entering the Promised Land as God directed, now years later, he finds himself asking God for wisdom, for a fresh revelation of His power, and for His “favor” upon his life. Moses wanted to know that his life meant something. Today, God has entrusted us with many things – life, time, finances, and influence, all with a clear understanding that we are to live with a Biblical worldview. If it is true that everything belongs to God, then we should be responsible stewards of the life and opportunities He has placed in our hands. It’s only as God blesses our efforts that what we do really gains eternal significance.

On Sunday night, Voddie Baucham will be our speaker for our Summer Bible Conference. Voddie is a husband, father, author, professor, conference speaker and church planter. He serves as Pastor of Preaching at Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, Texas. Voddie makes the Bible clear and demonstrates the relevance of God’s Word to everyday life. However, he does so without compromising the centrality of Christ and the gospel. Those who hear him find themselves both challenged and encouraged.

Men, this is the last weekend to purchase your tickets to the Men’s BBQ called the “Navy Seal of Faith” to be held on Tuesday, August 13 at 6:30 pm. One of our own men at Shadow Mountain is a Navy Seal who has lived his faith under fire, and God has used him to call others to do the same. All generations of men are welcome, 12 and up. You can purchase tickets in the Pavilion before and after services, or online at

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

The Unforgettable Person

Fri, 2 Aug 2013

Our guest speaker for the weekend will be our old friend Bill Butterworth. Bill’s extraordinary ability to blend humor, story-telling, wisdom and practicality has made him one of the most sought after speakers in venues throughout North America. Through his wit, warmth, insight, and realism, he brings help and hope to his audiences everywhere.

Bill’s message for Saturday evening and Sunday morning is titled “The Unforgettable Person.” Who is an unforgettable person in your life? Why is that person unforgettable? Chances are, a person who made that list is someone who built into your life, someone who marked you with a trait or belief that has remained with you to this day. Using a passage from Deuteronomy 6, we want to explore how we can become memorable in the lives of others, not for our own personal gratification, but to bring glory to the Lord.

This is communion weekend, and we will be observing the Lord’s Table in the Saturday evening and Sunday morning services. Please come prepared to honor our Lord with your presence and participation.

On Sunday evening, Bill Butterworth will return for our Summer Bible Conference. His message is titled “Faith in America.” It's the story of how one man sought to find answers to some very important questions in our world--questions like, Why do I see the world the way I do? Why can't all religions just “get along”? Can I really trust the Bible? And why is faith important here in America? Our answers will come from the Scriptures, as well as from some of the most renowned experts alive. It's quite a story--you won't want to miss it!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Dave Stone

Fri, 26 Jul 2013

This weekend, I want to bring you up-to-date on the many things that are going on behind the scenes as we prepare for our new Generations building. Since this will be my last weekend of ministry until after Labor Day, I believe it is important for you to know how God has been working. This is important so that you can give Him praise for His mighty hand and also so that you can pray throughout these next few weeks as we prepare for one of the most important fall seasons in the history of our church.

As always I will be opening the Scriptures to examine what God has to say, and I want to encourage you to be present for one of the three services (Saturday 5pm and Sunday 9am & 10:45am) this weekend!

On Sunday evening at 6:00 PM, our Summer Bible Conference continues with another dynamic speaker. Dave Stone is the Senior Minister of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY., one of the largest churches in America, and the author of the newly released series of books called “Faithful Families.”

This Sunday night he will be talking about the three gifts every child needs and the way for us to pour these gifts into our children and grandchildren. Dave will unpack these Biblical truths for us, showing us the model our Heavenly Father has established in Scripture. His preaching, like his writing, will touch both your heart and your funny bone.

For the last time this summer, we will celebrate together after the evening service. Our after parties have been a huge success and it is obvious that they are meeting a need in your lives as you are given the opportunity to fellowship with one another. Please come prepared to stay for a little while after the service!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Summer Blast

Fri, 19 Jul 2013

This week was Summer Blast, Shadow Mountain’s version of Vacation Bible School, and what a great week this has been for our children! Here are some statistics that are sure to bless your hearts. There were 1423 kids registered for the week. Over 540 volunteers ministered alongside our children’s staff each day. This brings us to a total of 1963 people participating this week at Summer Blast.

The children brought an offering for the missionary project each day. Monday they all brought pennies; on Tuesday, nickels; on Wednesday, dimes; on Thursday, quarters; and Friday, one-dollar bills. By the end of the week, these kids gave an offering of $9,452.69. This offering will be given to our missionary Danielle Warford as she ministers in Kenya and also go to providing food to 91 kids in the village to which she will be serving.

Most importantly, 141 children received Jesus Christ as their Savior for the first time and many more rededicated their lives! What a wonderful privilege we were given as a church family this week! Here is a link to a short video showing some highlights of this week’s Summer Blast –

This weekend, Dr. Charles Ware will be our guest speaker on Saturday night at Live at 5 and Sunday morning at 9:00 and 10:45 am. Dr. Ware is President of Crossroads Bible College (Indianapolis), a Biblically conservative evangelical institution, dedicated to training Christian leaders to reach the multi-ethnic urban world for Christ. He is an author, conference speaker and recognized leader in multi-cultural ministry and Biblical racial reconciliation.

Dr. Ware’s sermon will be based on 1 Samuel 1 & 2. Sometimes God uses personal human problems to bring us to total surrender so that He can supernaturally solve the human problem while at the same time solving a national problem. Hanna had a personal problem, infertility (1 Sam 1:2-7). God had a national problem, corrupt priests (1 Sam 2:12). The question will be asked, could some of our personal problems have a supernatural answer awaiting our total surrender to God who has national problems to

be solved through us?

On Sunday night, Greg Laurie will be our Summer Bible Conference speaker. Greg is Senior Pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, CA, and Harvest Orange County in Irvine, CA. In 1990, Greg began holding large-scale public evangelistic events called Harvest Crusades. Since that time, more than four million people have attended these events in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. More than 370,900 people have registered professions of faith in Jesus Christ through these outreaches. Greg will be sharing a message from the book of Jonah titled “Here am I… Send him.” Please be sure to make it a priority to attend this service and invite your friends.

Following the Sunday night service, join us for “July Nights 2013” in the Solid Rock Café. This Sunday evening’s live entertainment will feature saxophonist Uriel Vega. Hot dogs, apple pie, ice cream and drinks will be available at a minimal charge.

This Saturday is our second, and final, “40 Days of Hope for 2nd Street” prayer walk. Meet Pastor Ben at 9:00 am behind the Wells Fargo Bank on 2nd Street near Main. Join us for the ½ mile walk as we lift up our community in prayer and ask God to bring revival to this community.

Love from Your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Bishop Jackson

Fri, 12 Jul 2013

For the first time last weekend, our Hispanic Congregation had over 600 in their Sunday afternoon service. God is really moving among this congregation as they respond to the teaching of the Word of God by their pastor Erick Zaldana.

This weekend, we will return to the book of Mark and pick up our study at the place where we left off. When we broke into this series to teach on the subject of fear, we had just completed studying the miracle of the Feeding of the Five Thousand.

In all three of the gospels that record that event, the miracle of Jesus walking on the water follows immediately. This week, we will look at that miracle and see what we can learn from our Lord’s ministry to His disciples.

Sunday night, we will welcome to our pulpit the ministry of Dr. Harry Jackson. Bishop Jackson is Senior Pastor of Hope Christian Church in Washington D.C. Having earned an MBA from Harvard, Bishop Jackson approaches ministry from a unique perspective. He is founder and president of High Impact Leadership Coalition, which exists to protect the moral compass of America and be an agent of healing to our nation by educating and empowering church, community and political leaders.

Bishop Jackson will be a huge blessing to all of us, and I hope you will make it your purpose to be with us on Sunday evening.

After the evening service, we will enjoy our second “after party” in the Pavilion and Cafeteria. Last week was a huge success, and we have fixed some of the problems that resulted in such a large attendance. This week will be much smoother. We also welcome our Hispanic band for the music.

On Monday morning, Summer Blast begins, and we need to pray for God’s blessing as we begin this incredible outreach.

I will see you on the Lord’s Day!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

The Fear of Sudden Trouble

Fri, 5 Jul 2013

This weekend officially begins the second half of the summer season for me, and as we enter into these beautiful summer days in San Diego, we will be finishing our sermon series on Fear with a final message titled “Danger: The Fear Of Sudden Trouble.” I thought about not giving this message since it is based upon a passage from the book of Mark that we studied earlier this year. But the message from that passage is so powerful, and the need among us is so great, that I determined to share the story and the applications as a conclusion to the entire series. Once again, thank you for the many emails, notes, and personal comments during these messages.

This weekend, we will be observing the Lord’s Table!

Sunday night, we return to our Summer Bible Conference as we host the former Pastor of our church, Dr. Tim LaHaye. Here is what he wanted you to know about his presentation on Sunday evening:

“Sunday night we will discover the sign that Jesus Christ gave us as the most specific sign of His soon second coming. Every Christian should realize it points to the very days we are living in now. His reason for giving us this sign is to prepare us for His coming, and that we would not be ashamed or embarrassed when He does come.”

Dr. LaHaye will be a blessing to us all, and you will not want to miss his message.

This weekend also begins our “July Nights 2013.” In The Solid Rock Cafe right after the evening service, you will have the opportunity to get hot dogs, apple pie, ice cream and soft drinks for a minimal charge. While we are fellowshipping together, we will be blessed by the musical ministry of Marshall and Lori Hall. We hope you will use this as an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy fellowship with one another.

Finally, we are closing-in on the beginning of Summer Blast, and we still need about 30 volunteers to help us minister to the over 1,500 kids who will be in attendance this year. A registration table for volunteers is located south of the Worship Center in front of the children’s playground.

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Celebrate America

Fri, 28 Jun 2013

THIS IS ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHT WEEKENDS OF THE YEAR AT SHADOW MOUNTAIN! And more than ever before, we need this weekend at this time. We have had a pretty brutal week as far as our nation is concerned, and it would be easy to forget the many blessings we have as American citizens. Believe me, we are still a very blessed people, and that will be the message you will take away from the 5 pm service on Saturday and the 9 and 11 am services on Sunday.

We will all gather in the Worship Center for these three services. Child care will be available for nursery through kindergarten only.

Each year, as I walk away from our Celebrate America events, I feel so honored to be the pastor of a congregation of people, many of whom have served our nation in the military, who still love America, and give praise to God for His hand in our history.

This year, we will be blessed by the music of our incredible choir and orchestra. Our own Marshall Hall will be featured along with special guest Kim Hopper, one of the finest female vocalists in gospel music.

As always, there will be the medal ceremony which will honor all military personnel past and present. Paul Green and his tech team always have a few surprises for us as well. I just came from the Worship Center, and the set for this weekend is terrific.

If you still have your uniform, and can still get into it, please wear it this weekend. And whatever you do, come prepared to sing the great music of our nation and listen to a word from your Pastor.

On Saturday night, we will have over forty survivors from Pearl Harbor, including the oldest survivor checking in at 99 years of age! During the Saturday night presentation, we will also welcome several wounded warriors who will be with us from the Naval Hospital. The prayers will be offered by military chaplains, and the event will conclude with an unbelievable indoor fireworks presentation.

Before and after each service, you will want to visit the Patio and the Pavilion. Several military vehicles will be on display, and a special walk-through experience has also been created called Portraits in American History Freedom Memorial. Among the exhibits will be the flags of every one of our fifty states as well as all of the different flags that have flown over our great nation throughout her history.

Shuttle service for all three services will be available from Granite Hills. The Saturday shuttle service begins at 3 pm. As you know, we do not have a Sunday evening service on this particular weekend!


If you are able to participate in the 40 Days of Hope for 2nd Street Prayer Walk this Saturday, please find parking around the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot on 2nd Street. We will meet behind the bank this Saturday, June 29th at 9:00 am for a one hour prayer walk.

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

The Fear of Disapproval

Fri, 21 Jun 2013

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you did not belong... that you didn’t measure up? Have you ever felt pressure to do something you knew you shouldn’t do because of the pressure others were exerting? Somewhere, early in our lives we are faced with the fear of disapproval. We all want to be accepted and included. What do we do when the price is too high?

This week, in the ninth message of the “What Are You Afraid Of?” series, I will be addressing the Fear of Disapproval. The poster child for this fear in the Bible is the apostle Peter. What we can learn from his experiences will give us hope. When we learn to fear God as we should, we will never have to be afraid of what men can do to us.

On Sunday night, we continue our Summer Bible Conference with guest speaker Rob Morgan. Rob is the pastor of Donelson Fellowship in Nashville, TN. He is a best-selling and Gold Medallion winning author with over 25 books in print and over 3.5 million in circulation. Rob is also a staff writer for Turning Point’s Magazine, and speaks all over the world for missions organizations. Each time I hear Rob speak, I am blessed and encouraged and motivated to serve God better.

When we asked him what he would be speaking about, Rob sent us the following:

“Everyone dreams of living in a palace, and we love touring the great castles of Europe and elsewhere. In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave the greatest blueprint for prayer ever drawn - a castle in our closets. Occupying the Lord’s Prayer is like walking through the rooms of a great mansion, one we can inhabit every day. In this message, you will learn a new way to look at the greatest prayer in the Bible, and you will learn an unforgettable technique that will have you living like a rich kid and dealing with your pressures and problems with a new peace and power.”

We are in for a great weekend at Shadow Mountain. I look forward to seeing you at one of the four services!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

P. S. I also want to remind you that next weekend we will be Celebrating America in all three weekend services.

How to Bless Those You Love

Fri, 14 Jun 2013

This weekend, we honor our fathers on Father’s Day! And to celebrate, we have invited Dr. Tony Wheeler to be our speaker for this special weekend. Dr. Wheeler has worked with Dr. John Trent (author of The Blessing with Gary Smalley) for the last fourteen years teaching seminars and helping individuals, couples, and families find hope and healing.

Dr. Wheeler is a professor at Barclay College, and in the past, he has been a youth pastor, an associate pastor, a church planter, a senior pastor, a director of counseling, and a marriage and family pastor, so he understands the practical side of ministry.

He has a passion to help people find freedom and hope through a deeper relationship with Christ. Dr. Wheeler has been a counselor since 1989 and has helped hundreds of people deal with marital, parenting, and many other issues people face today.

This weekend, the title of Dr. Wheeler’s message is “How to Bless Those You Love.” Decades of research have shown that there are specific relationship characteristics that build strong friendships, courtships, marriages, parent-child relationships, and families. You will be encouraged to explore specific, intentional ways you can create a “culture of blessing” in your home.

There will be no evening service this Sunday so you may spend time with your families.

A big thank you to all of you who participated in our recent “Outstretched Arms” campaign! Hundreds of bags have been returned to stock our pantry shelves. If you have not yet returned your bag, there is still an opportunity to do so. You can return your bags in the Pavilion this weekend.

Have a Happy Father’s Day!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

The Fear of Natural Calamity

Fri, 7 Jun 2013

This week at Shadow Mountain: “What Are You Afraid Of?” We have looked at many things that can cause fear in our hearts, but this week we will examine the one thing that has been in the news more than any of the other “fears” we have examined...Disaster - The Fear of Natural Calamity.

What do we say to people who ask us about the tragedies of our world? Often it comes across something like this: “Where was your God when that happened?” We certainly cannot be expected to answer for God, but there are some things we need to know so that we can respond to the questions with meaning. What is God’s role in natural calamities? What should our role be when they happen to us or those that we love? This is the message for this 8th week in our series- Saturday night at 5 and Sunday at 9 and 10:45 am.

Sunday evening we are privileged to have Franklin Graham with us for the second week of the Summer Bible Conference. Franklin has spoken at Shadow Mountain once before, and we are thrilled that he has agreed to return for this important engagement.

Along with Franklin, we will be hosting Dennis Agajanian. Dennis is one of the greatest acoustic guitar players of our generation. He has played at countless Billy and Franklin Graham Crusades. And best of all, he is a member of Shadow Mountain Community Church.

I promise you... this will be a great weekend at Shadow Mountain. I look forward to seeing you at one of the services.

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

Debt - The Fear of Financial Collapse

Fri, 31 May 2013

This week, we will face the seventh fear in our series of nine. The fear we will explore in the weekend message is “Debt - The Fear of Financial Collapse.” I doubt if there will be anyone in these services who has not been either personally touched by this fear or knows someone who has. This has been one of the most awesome fears of the last several months in our culture. What does God’s Word have to offer us when we are afraid of loss? How can we sustain our spiritual vitality if we are constantly being assaulted by financial difficulty?

You will be surprised at the incredible encouragement the Bible brings to this issue. The Psalmist dealt with this particular problem in one of his Psalms, and he has left us with some inspired truth that is better than anything I have ever read at any secular level. How blessed and honored I am to be the messenger of the Lord this weekend as we open His Word and allow it to intersect with the challenges of our lives.

As you know, this weekend is the first weekend of our Summer Bible Conference. Our special guest for the evening session is David Phelps. As in the past, we are beginning the summer with a concert, and we have chosen a very gifted singer to share his gift with us.

David Phelps is a Christian vocalist and songwriter who is best known for singing first tenor in the Gaither Vocal Band. He has performed at Carnegie Hall and the White House and has also received multiple Grammy and Dove awards. David will be singing in the Sunday morning worship services, and then presenting a concert with his full band on Sunday night. You don’t want to miss out on hearing one of the most dynamic singers in the country.

I will use just a few words to remind you of the importance of joining with us in sponsoring the Summer Conference. We still have a long way to go to reach our goal, and we will need your help to get there.

Finally, Operation Outstretched Arms is ready for us to help restock the food pantry. The need this year for food has been great as there are still many people out of work. Once again, we are providing bags that you may take with you, fill with the items listed on the bags and return next weekend. Your donations are a great help to those who are struggling and will keep us stocked up until the holidays. Bags may be dropped off next weekend in the Pavilion area or at the Family Ministries building during the week.

Looking forward to a great weekend at Shadow Mountain!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

The Fear of God

Fri, 24 May 2013
This weekend marks the unofficial ending of our small group campaign based upon the “What Are You Afraid Of?” series. When I say it is unofficial, I am simply reminding you that we only asked you for a six-week commitment. But here’s the good news, you don’t have to disband your group now. In fact, I would encourage you to keep meeting at least until the summer break at the end of June. After this weekend, we still have three more messages on fear. We still have to learn how to handle the fear of debt, the fear of disaster, and the fear of disapproval. These messages are coming up during the month of June, and with the time off for Father’s Day weekend, we will need every Sunday in June to conclude our series.

For the final three messages, we will not have videos to be used in homes. I would encourage everyone to try to get to church so that they can hear the messages and be ready to enter into the discussion.

This weekend, I will be bringing a message on "The Fear of God!" Of all the messages in this series, this one has had the greatest impact on my own life. There is so much in the Bible about the fear of God that I cannot understand why there is not more teaching on the topic. I believe that our understanding of this subject is vital to our spiritual health. God makes some incredible promises to those who will learn to fear Him and live their lives in awe and astonishment of who He is!

Here is our memory verse for next week. I am printing it in this email because it incorporates one of the many promises God has given to us if we will learn to fear Him:

“Oh, how great is Your goodness,
Which You have laid up for those who fear You,
Which You have prepared for those who trust in You
In the presence of the sons of men!
You shall hide them in the secret place of Your presence
From the plots of man;
You shall keep them secretly in a pavilion
From the strife of tongues.”
Psalm 31:19-20

One man who has written an entire book on the fear of God believes that the verses about fearing God, salted as they are throughout the entire Bible, are the keys to life. Among other things, the Bible promises prosperity, prolonged life, protection, provision, and purity to those who fear God.

As we have been studying the fears that plague us, we have discovered that the fear of God is the one fear that will conquer all other fears. The man or woman who “truly” fears God will discover that their other fears are melting away.

I am looking forward to sharing these wonderful truths with you this weekend as we gather on Saturday night at 5 and Sunday morning at 9 and 10:45!

As you know, we do not have services on Sunday nights on Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy the extra time with your family and friends.

Finally, I want to say a sincere “thank you” to the many of you who opened your homes for this small group campaign. This has been, without a doubt, the most successful small group series we have ever experienced at Shadow Mountain. Thanks to John Dehnert and his small group leadership team for giving us great direction and encouragement during these days!

See you on the weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

The Fear of Death

Fri, 17 May 2013

Someone asked me this week if I knew what the number one fear was for most people. When I answered that it was "public speaking," they looked surprised. In fact, that is the fear that appears at the top of many lists, and having been a public speaker for many years, I can certainly identify with that fear.

But the top fear on almost all of the lists that I have researched...and if it is not number one, it is in the top the fear of death, or better spoken, the fear of dying.

If I look at all the "fears" on our list, I have to say to you that I have better good news about this fear than any of the others we have discussed or will discuss. The Bible has such important truth about "death." It is possible to live one’s life without the fear of death. I can’t wait to share with you what I have learned about this important "fear." In the services and in our small groups, this will be our message for the coming week.

I also want to let you know that we will begin our Summer Bible Conference Sponsorship Program this weekend. We have a great lineup of speakers this year and the conference brochure will be in your worship folder. We also have selected an incredible resource to present to those who help us with their one-hundred dollar sponsorship. I will be telling you all about this on Saturday night and in the Sunday morning services.

Believe it or not, we have had our final "regular Sunday night service," until the fall season. Next weekend is Memorial Day, and we do not have services on the Sunday night of that weekend.

This Sunday night we will be hosting the Christian High School Baccalaureate service in place of our regular Sunday evening service. We used to hold the Baccalaureate on Sunday afternoons, but with the growth of our Hispanic services, we are no longer able to make our previous schedule work.

I would like to invite you to attend this very special service that honors our graduating seniors. I will be giving a short message as part of the service, and I am told that the program is about an hour in length.

Thank you for praying during the current series of messages. God is doing some great things on the weekends and in our homes during the week!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

The Fear of Mother

Fri, 10 May 2013

“What Are You Afraid of?” is the name of our current series of weekend messages at Shadow Mountain Community Church. So far, we have learned about the fear of defeat, the fear of depression, the fear of disconnection, and the fear of disease.

Since this weekend is our celebration of Mother’s Day, I have been telling my friends that this week’s message is titled “The Fear of Mother.” No joke! I did have a healthy fear of my mother. She made us behave, and as I look back on it all now, I am thankful.

One story from my childhood will illustrate my mother’s authority and power over her kids. We had this rule when I was growing up that if we did not sit with our parents in church, we had to sit in front of our parents in church. Since my father was the preacher, that meant always sitting in front of my mother if I was with my friends in the church service.

We also were forbidden to chew gum in church. That was one of my mother’s pet issues. She thought it was totally disrespectful to the Lord to chew gum in church. I never did figure that one out, but my mother said it, and we had better do it.

One Sunday, I was sitting with my friends in the evening service, and I had a piece of gum in my mouth. I stuck it in my cheek and every once in a while tried to carefully take a chew so that no one would notice. About half way through the service I felt my mother’s eyes on my back. I know you probably don’t think you can feel someone’s eyes. I promise you; you could feel my mother’s eyes. She had caught me, and when I turned around, she made a chewing motion with her mouth and shook her head sideways. We talked about it when I got home that night!

Yes, I feared my mother, but I loved her dearly. She was a rock and the backbone of our family. She cared for us so lovingly, and she had to do it on a preacher’s budget, and back then that was not very much. On this Mother’s Day weekend, I salute my Mom. She’s in heaven, and sometimes I feel her eyes on me now.

But my title this weekend won’t be “The Fear of Mother.” Rather, we will talk about a woman you may never have heard about. Her name is Phoebe, and she is mentioned in only one place in the Bible. The characteristics of this woman will surprise you, and motivate you, no matter what your role in life may be.

After last week’s terrible event on Interstate 8 that sent some people home and made many people late, I am looking forward to a “normal” weekend, and I am so excited that you have decided to come to church on Mother’s Day.

There will be no service on Sunday Evening at Shadow Mountain!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

The Fear of Being Alone

Fri, 26 Apr 2013

This is the third week of our series “What Are You Afraid Of?” So far, we have examined the fear of failure and the fear of depression. This week, we are going to talk about the fear of being alone! With all of our new tools and gadgets to link us together, research shows that we are the loneliest generation in American history. We are well “connected” and at the same time “disconnected” from one another. What does that mean to you and to me? What does that mean to the church of Jesus Christ? I hope you will be present in one of the three weekend services as we discuss this important Biblical topic. The Bible has some amazing answers!

I want to say a word to all of our 300 hosts and hostesses who are opening your homes for this small group campaign. You are doing a fabulous job! The feedback is great! The emails are so encouraging, and the results will be eternal. Keep it up! We are right where God wants us to be with our host groups.

As you will remember, last weekend we celebrated with Gordon Mote and ended up giving him the entire evening service. What a blessing he was to us!

This week in the evening service we will return to our study of Revelation, Lord willing. The ninth chapter of Revelation promises to be one of the most awesome chapters we have studied so far. It answers many questions people are asking about the reality of hell and life after death! With the descriptive terms and pictures that only this book presents, we will peer into the future and get a glimpse of earth as it will be when the church has been taken to heaven.

Last weekend, there was an increase in shuttle riders, and also a modest increase in Saturday night attendance. Once again, I want to alert you to the opportunity to help us manage the number of people who are coming to hear the Word of God during this series. These are two definite things we can do to help reach our neighbors and friends with the gospel. If we open up parking spaces, they will fill them! If we come on Saturday night, there will be room for them on Sunday when they would most naturally attend! We can do these things! Thank you for believing that and responding!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah

The Fear of Depression (4/19)

Fri, 19 Apr 2013

Not much has happened this week to make us believe that we can live without fear! Every time the news was turned on, reports continued from Boston, and then from Texas. I was in Oklahoma City this week to speak at a conference, and while we were there, there was an earthquake. I mean really...I left California and went to OKC, and we had an fact there were five of them. They shook the furniture in our hotel room! The next day, there was a bomb threat at the memorial of the OKC tragedy of several years back. The next day, we were on a tornado watch throughout most of the day. I was glad to get back to “safe” California.

Let’s face it! This is the world in which we live, and we must learn how to live in this world. I cannot claim any prophetic vision for announcing a series on fear at this time, but it is certainly a very relevant topic. I have been praying for you as you have invited your friends to discuss what the Bible has to say about all of this. I have been hearing some great stories about your experiences. Please send me your stories and keep me up-to-date on how God is working in our small group campaign! These are great times for the church to really be the church! Thank you for joining me in this great endeavor!

This weekend, the title of the message is: “The Fear Of Depression.” This is one of the most overlooked subjects in the entire series. Nobody wants to talk about it. And yet, we are facing an epidemic of the fear of depression in our nation. We are not only afraid that we will become depressed, but when we do experience profound discouragement we are even more afraid. Once again, we will appeal to a character from the Bible to see how we can deal with this fear! If you have never been depressed, you surely know someone who has been. I promise to give you hope and encouragement. Don’t miss this weekend’s services.

On Sunday night, we continue our study of Revelation. I am sure you have been listening to the buzz that has been circulating about a spate of new books that are denying the existence of hell. This Sunday evening, I want to tell you what the Bible says. Please get this message in your hard drive so that you will know what to say when people come up with the nonsense that has been cultivated from books like the one written by Rob Bell, “Love Wins!” The number one teacher on the subject of “hell” is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ Himself! Believe me! Hell is real!

This weekend, our friend Gordon Mote will be our musical guest in all of our weekend services, including a short concert on Sunday night. Throughout his exciting career, he has shared the stage with such popular performers as Martina McBride, Alan Jackson, Rascal Flatts, Josh Turner, Carrie Underwood, and famed Grand Ole Opry star, Porter Wagoner.

Since 2006, Gordon has served as pianist for the popular Gaither Homecoming Tour, with legendary songwriters Bill & Gloria Gaither and the Gaither's Grammy Award winning Gaither Vocal Band, and has performed throughout the world with the Tour. We are so glad to welcome him back to Shadow Mountain once again.

Last weekend, we had over 8 thousand people on our campus. The radio and TV spots have attracted many visitors, and your excitement about the small groups has also created a desire to be at Shadow Mountain for this series. We really need your help if we are going to be able to continue the momentum from the Fear series. I know you know what I am about to say. The shuttle is the only answer. Would you commit to riding the shuttle for the next five weeks during this series so that those who come, especially to the second service, can find a place to park and get into the Worship Center? You will make a huge difference if you will do this!

Also, we still have lots of room on Saturday night, and the message is exactly the same as on Sunday mornings. If you can come on Saturday nights during this series, that too will alleviate some of the challenges we face when we have so many people on campus on Sunday morning.

These are exciting days, and I don’t want to miss one moment of what God is doing in our midst. See you on the weekend!

Love from your Pastor,

David Jeremiah