Welcome to our Nursery

Birth to 23 months


You can expect engaging and age-appropriate environments, safe and secure experiences, and friendly and relational care, all while your child learns about Jesus! Our babies (birth-23 months) are cared for by gentle and loving volunteers as they dance to music, listen to Bible stories, make age-appropriate crafts and play together. We invite you, as parents of an infant or toddler, to visit the Nursery, located in the Generations Building, at any time!

First Time Guests - Welcome!
At our front desk in the nursery, you will be greeted and asked to fill out a short registration form which include information about your child and their needs. Once it is filled out, you will be given a sticker for yourself and your child and directed to the age-appropriate classroom.

Cleanliness and Wellness Policy
It is our desire to minister to all children and to offer them a safe and healthy environment. We do not allow children to be dropped off in our care if within the last 24 hours they have been vomiting, have a persistent cough, a runny nose that isn’t clear or have had a fever. We appreciate your help with keeping our nursery healthy. If your child does become ill while in our care, we will notify you immediately.

Separation and Security

• Upon check in parents and children will be provided a sticker with a matching security code. The child will only be released to the person with corresponding security label.
• Parents are welcome and encouraged to remain with their child until they are adjusted to the nursery.
• Parents are welcome to check back if their child was crying when checked into the nursery. We will also send a text update if requested, so you don’t have to leave service.
• Children will be allowed to cry no more than 10 consecutive minutes before the parent is notified unless otherwise requested.


Our nursery team looks forward to meeting you and loving on your babies. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions. Kids@shadowmountain.org