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International Network of Leadership Institutes Vision

EBI International is committed to developing leaders in under-served communities utilizing the open university model.   As an international network of leadership institutes, the digital academic resources are provided at no cost to local churches and communities. 

The vision is to impact entire communities with the training, passion, and skills necessary to succeed by partnering with local churches, associations, and institutions.

Over 1,200 leaders have received training through EBI Leadership Institutes in the United States, Mexico, and the rest of Latin America.

Student-leaders are trained in transformation leadership, mentoring, relationship building, communication skills, servant leadership, team leadership, conflict resolution, administration,and community outreach-building.

EBI degree tracks:

  • Certificate of Biblical Studies in Leadership
  • Diploma of Biblical Studies in Leadership
  • Associate of Biblical Studies in Leadership
  • Bachelor of Biblical Studies in Leadership

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About EBI International Leadership Institutes

EBI International Leadership Institutes are committed to providing leadership training and education for nontraditional student-leaders in multicultural, urban, rural, and global environments without charging traditional tuition. EBI follows the "Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education."

Dr. Gary C. Woods
Executive Director, Equip Biblical Institute
EBI International Network of Leadership Institutes

Dr. Gary F. Coombs
President, Southern California Seminary

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