Live and Archived Video Troubleshooting

Live Player

We are currently producing and streaming high definition (HD) video content.. If you are experiencing any buffering (starting and stopping), the cause is usually related to bandwidth.  We are delivering more content than your connection can handle.  To resolve this, you can manually decrease the quality of the video delivered.  To do so on the "Live" player, click the button indicated in the screenshot below of the player:

Then select the "Quality" button:

Select the low quality setting so that you can view the service uninterrupted.

Archived Player (Vimeo)

If you are having trouble viewing any of the archived sermons on Vimeo, please try turning off HD (high definition). The selector is on the player itself:

The player then briefly displays a message indicating if HD is on or off:

Please email us with any feedback on your viewing experience.