Messengers Of Love Dinner

We invite you to join us in this very wonderful and uplifting event. FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 5, 2021 at Shadow Mountain Community Church Event Center from 5 - 9 PM.

This is an opportunity for all those involved in and impacted by incarceration to come and celebrate what God is doing through the Prison Ministries in San Diego and beyond. It is also a great opportunity to invite others you know to have them learn about the Prison Ministry and all the opportunities there are to touch the lives of those impacted by incarceration. In addition to a wonderful evening of celebration, the SMCC Prison Ministry hosts a beautiful and unique display of the “art of inmates”, and others who are impacted by incarceration.

Prices: Individual Tickets: $30 Table of Eight: $25 each (total, $200)    


Contact Information:
Sheila Smith-Callaway