Meet The Gathering Team

Behind all that we do is an incredible team of full-time staff, intern staff, and volunteers. Click on each person's picture to see their responses to a fun interview we did with them.



High School Pastor Grant Todd













Krista Gonzales - Small Groups Coordinator

1. Surprising obsession: Bob Ross 
2. Theme song of my life: "Anything" by Mae
3. Spirit animal: Otter
4. Childhood career dream: Rhinoceros doctor
5. Next time you see me, ask me about: My dog Koda


John Albright 


1. What inspires me: People that are doing/creating something they love
2. What was I like in High school: yikes...
3. Theme song of my life: "Dare You to Move" - Switchfoot
4. Spirit animal: Lion
5. Things I'm digging: Podcasts! Go listen to my podcast, "The Mirror Effect"


Nate Cazares


1. Biggest fear: Running into spider webs in the dark
2. Next time you see me, ask me about: 
Baby powder
3. Theme song of my life: 
"I'm Still a Guy" by Brad Paisley
4. Spirit animal: 
5. Three most interesting possessions: 
My fake Yeezys, Banjolele, Bakugan


Taylor Rowe - Small Groups  Intern

1. Things I’m digging: Spotify, I just discovered it and all of its glory
2. Next bucket list adventure: Visiting Seattle with my brother
3. Spirit animal: Bella Rodriguez
4. What would I title my autobiography: Life With 1,000 Animals
5. If I was to eat my very last meal, what would that meal be: Chicken tortilla soup with extra tortilla strips and avocado


Grace Allen

1. Favorite place to wake up/fall asleep: My bed
2. Words of wisdom: Any emotional need that you think can be satisfied by another human, is more than satisfied by God. Pursue Him.
3. Childhood career dream: Artist. My dad was an artist. I wanted to be just like him.
4. What was I like in high school: Awkward. Quiet.
5. If I could steal credit for any great work of art, which one would I claim: A magazine article called "Frank Sinatra has a cold."


Heidi Lee


1. An interesting fact about me that most people don’t know: I am obsessed with DIY and decorating
2. Favorite place to wake up/fall asleep: At the beach listening to waves
3. Next bucket list adventure: Take my kids to Seattle/tour Italy
4. Words of wisdom: “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how you care.”
5. Childhood career dream: Kindergarten teacher, and now I teach 2nd grade


John Okoh

1. Words of wisdom: Neglected opportunity never arise. Make your first opportunity your Golden opportunity.
2. Spirit animal: Lion
3. Childhood career dream: Medical doctor
4. What was I like in high school: I was funny and optimistic.
5. What inspires me: Success cannot be obtained without hard work.


 Megan Houlihan

1. Childhood career dream: A horse

2. What was I like in high school: I wore sweatpants every other day senior year and didn’t have eyebrows
3. Things I’m digging: Tampico, sleeping in, stargazing, and ranch life
4. What inspires me: Being outdoors, quiet time, good books, and great people
5. Words of wisdom: Always give people a chance