Prison Ministry

"Remember those who are in prison..." Hebrews 13:3

The Prison Ministry is an outreach program to both men and women who are in prison, to those recently released from prison, and to the families and children who have loved ones incarcerated. The primary emphasis of the prison ministry is regular contact with inmates, parolees, and family members. This includes visitation into prison facilities, conducting Bible Studies, one to one discipleship, letter writing correspondence, family support meetings, and follow up contacts with families.

The Prison Ministry is open to both men and women. It is an opportunity to stretch your faith and be a source of real blessing and encouragement to men, women, and children who have been affected by crime. This is also a ministry which touches close to home, as there our many families within our own fellowship who have loved ones incarcerated.

All ministry members undergo appropriate orientation, training, and background checks as mandated by the State Prison System. Additional training is given in areas that affect ministry outside the Prison System.

Current events:

  • First Monday of every month, 7-9 pm. Family Dessert Fellowship. All families who have a loved one incarcerated and all those with a heart for prison ministry are invited to attend in room 10. Each month we have a special guest come who provides valuable information to those in attendance. Child care for ages 4-13 is provided. Please RSVP to

  • Third Monday of every month, 7-9 pm. Prison Planning meeting. All those interested in helping to keep the ministry moving forward are encouraged to attend. Meet in Admin Bldg room A.

Special Events:

  • Letter Writing to Inmates. We need both men and women who are willing to correspond through letter writing to at least one inmate. We only allow men to write to men, women to women. We use the Church address for all correspondance. If you are interested, we can get you started in this area of ministry after a short informational one on one meeting.

  • Angel Tree Follow-up. We need men and women who would be willing to call Angel Tree families and famiilies of SMCC who have loved ones incarcerated, and invite them to the many special events we have. These phone contacts are done on a monthly basis and involve 5 families unless more are requested.

  • Camping/Mentoring for Children of Inmates. This is a new part of the Prison Ministry that is starting very soon. It has been estimted that 67% of children of inmates end up in prison themselves if there is no intervention in their lives. Camping and mentoring are great ways to provide a much needed change in these children’s lives. An informational meeting is planned in the comming weeks.

  • State Parolee Orientation Meeting. Every three weeks at the State Parole Office in El Cajon, 75 to 100 newly released parolees are required to attend an orientation meeting in which 30 to 40 National, State, County, and Local Agencies share how they can assist the parolee in getting back into the community. We have the privilege of being a part of those meetings. We come in contact with many men and women and show them how they can begin a new life in Christ. Over the past few months we have been able to hand out scores of copies of “The Purpose Driven Life”, donated to us for this purpose. We have also been able to follow up on many parolees, providing spiritual encouragement, counseling, guiding them to Celebrate Recovery classes, helping them to find housing and employment, and partnering with Urban Ministries and Set Free Ministries to assist these men and women in that new life in Christ. Is there a place here that you can help?

Contact Us

If you feel God is leading you in this area of ministry, or you have a need in this area of ministry, we encourage you to contact us.

Tom Heyer call 619-590-2107