What we do

Deacons serve communion primarily on the first weekend of each month at the
 "Live @ Five" service Saturday night and the two services on Sunday morning. This is a tremendous honor that deacons do not take lightly. This opportunity we have to serve the congregation is very symbolic of the service Christ provided for humanity and ourselves individually. We are blessed to be allowed to participate in this remembrance of Him. Deacons support the New Member's class by interviewing prospective members and ensuring their applications are complete. There is no better time than listening to the testimonies of believers and how Christ has changed their lives. We also meet many new friends this way.

Deacons support the pastoral staff and prospective new members in the Baptism service. This behind-the-scenes support role is vital to the smooth operation of the Baptism. Listening to the person's testimony so they can be comfortable presenting it in front of the church, helping the pastor prepare for the baptism, and generally supporting the process are all important duties the deacon provides.

Deacons serve the congregation by communicating with them periodically. Each member of SMCC has a dedicated deacon. Each deacon is assigned a flock of members (usually 25-35) for whom they are responsible. While our primary concern are those that have no other support groups to help them, we are here to serve all members on a one-to-one basis.

Deacons have representatives on many of the other SMCC boards to keep informed of the activities on the campus. These representatives report back to the deacon board at our monthly meetings and through written reports. In addition, feedback from the deacon board can be sent to the other boards through this deacon representative.

Deacons meet monthly to discuss ongoing tasks and vote on pertinent issues, to be trained how to be better shepherds, to pray together for our flocks and each other, and to be informed of what is going on at SMCC. We have a group session where business is conducted and then we break into small groups for a time of training, prayer, and reflection.

Deacons pray for their flocks and for our church. Prayer is the most powerful tool God has granted us as we travel this Earth. Deacons do not take lightly the responsibility we have for our flocks, for SMCC staff, for our church, and for our community. We have a prayer chain that can be accessed by simply contacting your deacon or any other deacon you see and placing your request with them. Simply inform them you want your request to be placed on the deacon prayer chain.

Deacons manage and distribute the restricted Deacons Benevolent Fund to families and individuals in need, primarily focused on members of SMCC. This fund is not a budget item, but rather is collected from those who choose to help brothers and sisters in Christ. The collection is taken at each service where Communion is served. Thousands of dollars are disbursed each month through the careful and discerning leadership of the Deacon Executive Board.