What is a deacon?

Servants: Deacons are the privileged few members of Shadow Mountain Community Church (SMCC) who were asked and have committed to perform this servant's role for Christ and this community.

Shepherds: Deacons at SMCC focus primarily on shepherding their flocks of SMCC members. We try to seek out those that are the most in need and come alongside them in prayer, comfort, and support. We especially try to help those people with specific needs that have no other support group at SMCC.

Prayer Warriors: Deacons at SMCC pray for their flocks, for emergency prayer requests that are distributed through the Deacon Prayer Chain, for SMCC and its pastors and staff, and for each other.

Communion: Deacons count it a blessing to be allowed to serve Communion each month. It is a real honor to serve God and our fellow Christians while we remember Christ's sacrifice for us.

Leadership: Deacons provide a voting member to other boards of the SMCC ministries. This allows the Deacons to remain current regarding the activities of Shadow Mountain Ministries. All deacons are voting members of the SMCC Advisory Board.

Baptism: Deacons hear the testimonies in our role supporting the Baptisms at SMCC. We help the men get ready for when they publicly proclaim through Baptism their changed lives because of Christ.

Information and Encouragement: Deacons meet monthly to pray, to share ideas, to consider specific Deacon business, and to encourage one another in our duties as Deacons. Part of this time is spent in small groups for training and prayer. As these small groups grow closer throughout the year, the members of these groups learn what support is all about. In Christ, we are all brothers; we are called to love, serve, and support one another.