Spiritual Gifts

Knowing your Spiritual Gifts can open doors for great ways to serve the Lord. A Spiritual Gift Inventory is available to you! By answering a list of questions, your strengths can emerge in possibly unexpected ways.

You can:
  • Obtain an Inventory from Servant Ministries or complete the spiritual gifts analysis online
  • Answer the question in about 20 minutes in the privacy of your home
  • Self-grade or bring to your interview with a Ministry Advisor for scoring
  • Learn about the definitions of your strengths
  • Decide how you are going to unwrap and use your gift

Spiritual Gifts List

The Shadow Mountain Gifts Profile uses the following gift list:

ADMINISTRATION: Leader/Organizer - The inward motivation to organize and coordinate the activities and efforts of others and to set goals for them to meet in these efforts.

EVANGELISM: To Bring The Good News - The enablement to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that they respond and move forward in a saving relationship with Christ.

EXHORTATION: Encourager/Advisor - The inward motivation to stimulate action in others through counsel and to outline practical steps others should take to overcome problems.

GIVING: Contributor/Supporter - The inward motivation to provide financial support for other worthwhile people, projects and organizations and to wisely use and invest money to provide for such support.

MERCY: Comforter/Empathizer - The inward motivation to identify with the emotions of others and to provide comfort to those who are in emotional distress.

PROCLAIMING: Prophesier/Protector - The inward motivation to publicly speak out concerning what is perceived as God's truth and to reveal what is right and wrong.

SERVING: Helper/Provider - The inward motivation to detect legitimate needs others have and to find practical ways to provide for these needs.

SHEPHERD/PASTOR: To Shepherd A Flock - The divine ability to nurture, care for, and guide people toward a deeper relationship with Christ.

TEACHING: Researcher/Instructor - The inward motivation to carefully research truth and to clearly present truth to the others in such a way that it will be easy to learn.