Dispelling the Myths

Could you possibly be feeling you’re…Not needed?

Myth #1: It’s a big church that probably already has enough people serving.
Fact: There are always ministry opportunities that change daily.

Unaware of your gifting?

Myth #2: I’m not sure what my gifts are so I probably don’t have any!
Fact: All believers receive gifting at the time of spiritual rebirth. We have tools to help you discover yours.

Not knowledgeable?

Myth #3: No one but me knows what I can do, so I’ll probably never get to serve.
Fact: Our profile is a great way to learn about what you’ve done in the past and willing to do in the future. We care about you as a whole. We’ll connect you with opportunities for fellowship to help you become known.

Not equipped?

Myth #4: There can’t possibly be a place for someone as inexperienced as me!
Fact: On the job training and coaches are available at every front helping you discover if each opportunity is the right fit and how to succeed.