SKILLS CAMP in Sept 2022!

SHOOTING CAMP in Oct 2022!

Join us for 1-day Basketball Camps at Shadow Mountain Community Church!  These camps are for 2022-2023 K-8th grade boys and girls.  At the camp players will learn from trainers and coaches how to develop into the best they can be. These one day camps will include instruction on...

- Ball handling skills
- Basketball IQ & Play breakdown
- Shooting (Contests for the Shooting Camp)
- Movement without the ball
- Defensive techniques
- Using and setting screens
- Footwork and much more!

The camp will also include...
- Lunch
- Prizes
- 3v3 & 5v5 

For both camps, participants will need to bring a basketball (Youth size 27.5 for K-2nd; 28.5 and up for 3rd-8th grade) and wear athletic shoes.

Registration for the 2022 camps will be posted during the summer.

For more information on any of our camps, contact us.