What are Small Groups?

A Middle School Small Group is:

  • 5-15 students
  • 2-4 adult leaders
  • Activity-oriented
  • Same sex, same grade
  • Grouped by existing friendship clusters
  • Every Wednesday night
  • Christ-centered

 A Small Group should offer:

  • A place that welcomes every student
  • A safe and fun environment
  • Loving and caring adult relationships
  • Positive peer friendships
  • Biblical answers
  • Prayer for and with others
  • Chance to receive Christ

Why Small Groups?

  • To give everyone a place to belong and feel accepted.
    •  Quiet students share
    • Absent students are missed
    • Work with friendship clusters, not against them
    • Provide support structure for newborn Christians
    • Chance to grow spiritually
  • Allow young people caring adult relationships, feedback and council.
  • Provide adults an entry point for real ministry into student life.

Small Groups are meeting in person!  Come to the CREW room on Wednesday nights from 6:15pm - 8:15pm to watch the current CrewTV episode and meet with your small group.  Masks and temperature checks are required.  Sign up using the button below, or by coming to the CREW room.