Online Campus Tech Support 

If you're having difficulty, the easiest and quickest solution is to access the livestream outside of the Online Platform by clicking HERE or find our Facebook Live HERE.

Other solutions:

  • Refresh your browser.
  • Close your browser and reopen
  • If available on your computer, try another browser (Safari if you're using Chrome, etc.).
  • Make sure only one tab and window are open.
  • Check your network connection to be sure you are connected to the internet. You can check your connection speed here:
  • Make sure you are running the most recent version of the browser you’re using. You can typically find that information under “Preferences."
  • Be sure to empty your cache/history/cookies. You can typically find this under “Preferences” as well.
  • You may have AdBlock or pop-ups blocked. Give permission for this site to have pop-ups so that you can see all the buttons and menu items. If using AdBlock use the ‘Don’t run on this page’ option and refresh the page.
  • Try un-blocking plug-ins.
  • Restart your computer.


  • Check your device for microphone volume.
  • Check your streaming volume when viewing on screen.